Monday, November 23, 2015

Combating Murder At Later Stages In Life

Last weekend I attended a conference spearheaded by the Catholic Media Coalition (of which this blog is a member) dealing with the threats against innocent life at the other end of the life spectrum.  So many of us have been focused on the murders of babies that we may not have noticed the culture of death as it targets the old and infirm among us.  Starting now, I'll be posting videos dealing with this topic.  Some of them (like tonight's) are from the conference that I attended.

One of the things that Mary Ann mentioned in the video is the two-pronged motive that hospitals are adopting as they glom onto the culture of death: 1) not wanting to incur costs for treatment of very sick people and 2) seeking organs for transplant.  Both of these in turn have a common denominator - $$$!  I'll post a story about co-joined twins being separated.  One detail almost slips by - that the parents were encouraged to abort the babies.  They didn't and the little girls were successfully separated.  Let's not gloss over the fact that the one set of doctors wanted to take the "easy (and most economic) way out" and murder the babies.

I'll now post Mary Ann's opening address and below that, a video of Bishop Gracida's talk that she mentioned in the course of her talk.

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