Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why Is Church Militant Laying Into The Pope Emeritus?

Yesterday a Vortex was released that, when taken in conjunction with the one released this past Thursday, paints a puzzling picture as to the modus operandi at Church Militant.  Last Thursday, Michael Voris painted a picture of Pope Francis being victimized and exploited by various villains in the Vatican.  Yesterday he seemed to lay much blame for that situation at the feet of Pope Emeritus Benedict.  He lays out a case for damage done to the papacy by Pope Benedict's resignation, stating "Benedict's leaving of office has engendered a whole host of problems (most likely unforeseen and unintended) and given them impetus."

I for one agree.  I also believe that one of those problems is the papacy of Pope Francis.  That problem is one that Church Militant won't acknowledge.  Ladies and gentlemen, Pope Francis has been in the Vatican for several years now.  This papacy has been one freak show after another and he owns this mess.  Why is Church Militant refusing to acknowledge this "elephant in the living room" and instead portraying the Pope Emeritus as a legitimate scapegoat?  Well, we do have a parallel situation in Washington and the disasters of the Obama administration, don't we?  Years after the Messiah Most Miserable took office, his Minions Most Mindless are still trying to dismiss Obama's bungles by blaming Bush.  More and more, the parallels between Obama and Pope Francis are increasing.

Towards the end of this Vortex, Voris says of Benedict's resignation, "we must be honest enough to look at that and say, yes, he made a mistake (a big one)" and "mistakes must be called out and recognized even when they are distasteful".  True enough.  Now I call upon Church Militant to apply the same logic to the various blunders of Pope Francis.  To take Pope Benedict to task and yet to say nary a word about the mistakes of this current papacy is nonsensical at best.  The blunders of Benedict are now a matter of history while those of Pope Francis, because they are ongoing, are currently inflicting much harm on the Church.  It is the latter that must be addressed, and will be by this blog.


  1. Francis is a poor excuse for a Pope primarily because he does not embrace, instruct and enforce the constant teaching of the Catholic Church in matters of Faith and morals.
    It might have been a mistake for his predecessor to resign, but it is DEFINITELY a mistake that Francis remains in office, primarily because heterodox Cardinals and Bishops continue in their positions without discipline or even correction, so much so that the existing college of cardinals appears quite capable of electing an even worse pope.

  2. The 64 million dollar question is WHY did Pope Benedict resign? Lots of rumors and some incriminating evidence from Cdl. Daneels, but I guess nothing concrete enough to wrap this situation up with. I don't think Church Militant has even broached the subject of Cdl. Daneels and his 'confessions' of foul play in the entire situation with Benedict resigning and the election of Francis. Really a puzzlement to me. The avoidance of all this by Michael Voris is so obvious that I would think it to be an embarrassment to him, but ????

  3. The irony is that the story of Benedict pointing at the door comes from Bishop Fellay--the same SSPX bishop that CM screeches at so. I guess the SSPX is only reliable when Voris finds it convenient.



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