Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Deception Known As Brain Death

A man in London, after an auto accident, was thought to be in a comatose state.  In reality he was simply unable to communicate.  Another auto accident victim was thought to be brain dead.  She woke up - just as doctors were starting to harvest her organs.  A 39-year old woman suffered a stroke and was thought to be brain-dead.  She could hear everything and feared that her life support would be removed.

There are many stories like these.  But these are the lucky ones, the ones who came out of their comas (some just in time) and/or had loved ones who refused to give up on them (like Aden Hailu, mentioned a few days ago).  Countless others haven't been so lucky.  With a medical system that is shifting its focus from treating people to increasing their bank accounts, we have well-founded reason to fear that our loved ones - and ourselves - may be deemed "too expensive" or our organs deemed "useful" and will be euthanized.  The following is another talk, this one given by Dr. Paul Byrne, a physician who has faced down this aspect of the culture of death.  His website is

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