Thursday, November 19, 2015

Facilitators Of Illegal Immigration Reject Catholicism For Progressivism

In the face of Obama's scheme to import 10,000 Syrian refuges into the United States, there has been much confusion on the part of Catholics regarding what the United States, as a nation, should do.  Some have opined that we should admit them indiscriminately, prefacing their remarks with "Jesus would welcome the stranger" and "what would Jesus do".  Implicit in their invocation of Jesus' name is that they imagine He would not consider the impact such decisions might have on others.  For instance, they direct these platitudes at governmental officials, urging them to base their policies on a rather simplistic impressions of Our Lord's will.  They fail to consider that governmental officials have as their FIRST priorities the welfare of their citizens.  They have a moral duty to do all they can to protect them from real threats.  And yes, evidence pours in that the Syrians are posing a threat to their host countries.  The attacks on France last week should serve as a stark lesson to us.

Suppose, for example, there was a neighborhood that was plagued by a series of house invasions that occurred when the robbers burst into homes when doors had been opened to them.  A father of a family heard a knock at the door at night.  He calls through the door, asking the visitors what they want, and they stated they needed help and wished to be admitted into the home.  Knowing the neighborhood situation, would the father be wise to believe the visitors?  Of course not.  "But Jesus would welcome the stranger", our good-hearted but weak-thinking friends might chime.  I for one beg to differ.  Would He not approve of the father's solicitude for his family, a solicitude that is enjoined on him by the Sacrament of Matrimony and the Fourth Commandment?  Just as the father of a family have to abide by his God-given priorities, so do those in civil authority.  Their FIRST responsibilities are to their citizens and constituents.  This is NOT rocket science!  Taylor Marshall wrote a piece that is an excellent treatment of this issue, drawing on Aquinas extensively.

Today ISIS released a video that threatens more destruction in Paris and the destruction of the White House.   A few days ago, the DHS confirmed that eight Syrians were taken into custody in Laredo TX.  Five others were arrested in Honduras as they attempted to use stolen passports.

So now Obama wants to allow muslim Syrians into the United States.  Why, then, does he refuse to allow Christian and Yazidi refugees to enter the US?  His bigotry against Christians is obvious and despicable.

Too many Catholic officials, carrying on like aging hippies with stars in their eyes, steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the truth and cling to their romantized notions of the "poor immigrants" with themselves as their noble saviors.  In the midst of their semi-annual meeting in Baltimore, the US bishops pompously announce their calls for de facto open borders while chiding the governors who are following the maxims of Aquinas.  Not to be outdone by the USCCB, the Maryland Catholic Conference put forth this laughable press release as it appears in the Catholic Standard.  A little aside.  Today I did not receive my issue in the mail.  I think it's fascinating that my delivery is either missed or late when one of these whoppers is published in the paper.  But I digress!

Anyway, there is the typical call for "compassion" (selective compassion, since non-muslims aren't allowed admittance).  The MCC goes on to tout the praises (?) of the Catholic Relief Services, saying that they have "a rich history of serving potential refuges in their native land".  Really?  CRS has been caught red-handed distributing condoms and abortifacients in Africa - not merely funding said distribution, but CRS personnel themselves distributing these tools of mortal sin.  They retained a "same-sex married" man as a vice president, knowing of his immoral lifestyle.  Read here for a whole litany of their horrid endeavors and search the Lepanto Institute for more details.  Here's a snapshot of their income statement for the fiscal year ended 9/30/2014.  Notice that almost half their funding came from governmental grants: that is, our tax dollars!  I suppose that's the "rich" part of their history.

Then the MCC crows about Catholic Charities.  Yes - same Catholic Charities that:
Catholic Charities is one of the groups charged by the Obama cartel to help "settle" the Syrians as they invade arrive here.  There's most likely more than altruistic motivation for them to do so. Recall last summer when it was discovered that the feds had extended to Catholic Charities offices in Texas over $17 million in grants to take in refugees.  Wanna bet they're getting a nice chunk of change now?  Again, that's our tax dollars.  Just as they botched the three incidents listed above, they botched big-time this past week.

The Catholic Charities in Louisiana helped settle one such individual - and then lost track of him.  Governor Jindal insisted that Obama give him info on those that are being shipped to his state; he probably knows better than to hold his breath waiting.  But the story gets more interesting!  Lo and behold, the Louisiana government learned that this refugee had gone to Washington DC.  Now consider:
  • He is supposedly a poor destitute refugee.  Yet he has the wherewithal to get off the boat and hightail it to Washington DC.  It sounds like he had some direction and resources to make the trip.  The distance between LA and DC is approximately 1100 miles.  How did he afford the transportation and other travel expenses?
  • Recall from earlier in this post that ISIS made threats against the White House.  Did this "poor refugee" come up here to participate?  Was he ordered to do so?
I've received word that the House of Representatives voted today (by a veto-proof majority) to put a pause on Obama's scheme to import these refugees.  Let us pray that the Senate jumps on board.   Speaking of the House, I don't know if Trey Gowdy is Catholic or not, but he seems to have an inate grasp of Aquinas' thinking on immigration.

I'll end this rather long post with a video by Ann Corcoran detailing her research on refugee resettlement.

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