Saturday, February 20, 2016

Baltimore's Bishop Madden Said What??!!?!

Three months ago, I wrote of St. Matthew's Church in Baltimore Maryland.  It is a Catholic parish that has been taken over by gay activists, with the cooperation of its pastor, Father Joseph Muth.  More troubling is the apparent approval of Auxiliary Bishop Denis Madden and the willful silence of Archbishop William Lori.  The Baltimore chancery has been contacted about this matter numerous times; none of us who did so received the courtesy of a reply.

Defend Life is a Catholic pro-life organization that is based in Baltimore.  They publish a bi-monthly newsletter.  The Jan-Feb issue came out a few days ago and has an expose on the moral rot that has infested St. Matthew's.  It also details the depths of depravity to which Bishop Madden seems to have sunk in his support of the gay infestation at that church.  The article is here and you can read the first few lines to get an impression as to how low the bishop has allowed himself to fall.

The bishop is reported to have congratulated two women for engaging in acts that will most likely condemn them to hell for all eternity.  The author of the article made plain throughout the article that they attempted to contact the chancery for clarification on this matter.  As before, the chancery has not given the author any reply.  I agree that "silence implies consent".  At any rate, the bishop did exactly the opposite of what a real successor of the apostles would do, e.g., explain to the women that they are endangering their souls, that they should break off the sinful relationship and get to confession immediately.  If these women die unrepentant, Bishop Madden will have these souls to his charge.

I am again urging that we all contact the Baltimore chancery and politely but firmly demand that they take corrective measures lest the goings-on at this parish facilitate eternal damnation for hundreds of poor souls.


  1. This just goes to show you the vast majority of priests, bishops, and cardinals over the past 60 years, the past 7 popes, and at least 6 of the popes before have not been Catholic and therefore not Christians and therefore in schism from us. This distinguishes the True Church, i.e. the Catholic Church, from the Counterfeit Church, i.e. the Vatican II Cult, which falsely passes itself off as the Catholic Church. Look me up on Facebook, go on my profile, and read my note Material vs Formal.

    The Church is the Catholic Church, not the Roman Catholic Church. There's no such thing as the Roman Catholic Church. The term "Roman Catholic" itself is an oxymoron that was never used in any Church Council documents or at all prior to the 18th century despite Bp. St. Alphonsus Liguori's and Pope Pius XII's ignorant uses of it. It was coined by Protestants to slander the Church as the Harlot. Orthodoxies started using it to falsely pass themselves off as Catholics only because they know the Church has always been Catholic, the timeline of Christianity has always been Catholic, and the Creeds have always been Catholic.

    1. All those popes not Catholic! Hmmm! Well let's count back (omitting John Paul I since he only held the seat for a few weeks). "Past 7 popes" takes us back to Pius XI. The next six popes takes us back to the papacy of Pius VIII starting in 1829. That includes such men as Pope Leo XIII who composed the Prayer to St Michael (as well as the prayers after Mass before Vat II, called the Leonine prayers) and Pope St Pius X. If you think they're "in schism" from you, that says ill of you more than these Vicars of Christ. And you think St Alphonsus Ligouri was "ignorant" for using the term "Roman Catholic Church"? Please be advised that I will take lead from a Doctor of the Church as opposed to an obvious sedevacantist.

      Seriously - find yourself a decent priest and get into his confessional immediately. You seem to be in a very dangerous position.


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