Thursday, February 11, 2016

From The Carhart Carnage Department - Number 12!

On February 4 at his Nebraska hell-hole, Leroy Carhart caused another woman to go to the hospital.  Recordings obtained by Operation Rescue indicate that the woman was bleeding heavily and that the abortion may have been incomplete.  This poses a life-threatening condition for the woman.  Her condition remains unknown.  This happened less than one month after he caused the hospitalization of a woman at the Germantown mill.

Ladies and gentlemen, these two incidents bring his current "hit list" of brutalized women to twelve.  Operation Rescue counts eleven women butchered between the Nebraska and Maryland mills since 2012 - with one of the Maryland incidents resulting in death.  Recall that Christin Gilbert died at his now-closed Kansas location.  Two women died at his hands - at least that's all of which we are aware at this time.  Mark my words - there will be more - and I do mean fatalities.

These numbers, horrendous as they are, are by far dwarfed by the thousands of tiny children ripped to pieces by Carhart in their mothers' wombs.  The state governments are complicit, to be sure.  Nevertheless, each and everyone of us needs to ask if he/she is doing everything within his/her power to bring this carnage to a halt.  Are you regularly offering witness in front of your local abortion chamber?  If not, I'd suggest participation in 40 Days For Life.  Go to their website and join an outreach local to you.  If you're looking for a worthy Lenten exercise, this would be an excellent choice.

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