Sunday, February 7, 2016

Where Is The REAL Care For God's Creation???

My colleague at One Peter Five put up the pope's latest video regarding environmentalism.  As he stated in this commentary, this video explicitly extols the idolatry of "earth worship" before the worship of the One True God.  The stench of idolatry billows forth from the first few moments of the clip till the very end.

Notice that "believers and unbelievers" are told that they "agree that the earth is our common heritage".  Then the pope asks, "however, what is happening to the world we live in"?  In a word, it's called "sin" and it manifests itself in much more significant ways than in some trash on a beach.  Its spiritually deadly effects are manifest in sexual immorality, murders of babies, elderly and other innocents, the persecution of Christians in once-civilized countries.  Please note that it is the latter group of sins that can and will damn souls to hell; trash on a beach won't do that.

Let's look at that phrase "earth is our common heritage".  No, that's not why God created man.  Let's hearken back to the Baltimore Catechism.  Why did God make man?  God made man to know, love and serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him in the next.  God created man to be with Him in heaven, not to be focused on this earth (good as it may be in and of itself).  It is the God-given mission of the Church to help souls get to heaven - that's it!  Anything else is ancillary and must be explicitly aimed at the ultimate end of eternal salvation.  Watch the video carefully.  Are the words "heaven", "soul", "repentance", "salvation" mentioned therein at least once?

At the 0:48 mark, the pope states that "we need a change that unites us all".  That change is the conversion of every person to the Roman Catholic Church.  Unless that happens, any unity will at best be very temporary and at worst, a cheap and dangerous facade of true unity.  Read the book of Genesis. It's worth noting that in the very beginning, there was true earthly harmony in creation.  It was only after the sin of our first parents that creation fell out of harmony.  That harmony won't be restored until there is conversion to the One True Faith and attendant obedience to the Church in matters of faith and morals.  At the 0:57 mark, we see the pope hoping that we "be free from the slavery of consumerism".  Well, how about "freedom from sin"?  

The absence of the call for conversion to Catholism in this video constitutes true indifference to the pinnacle of God's creation, i.e., man for if there is no explicit and overt effort to bring about conversion to the One True Faith, there is no real concern for God's creation.


  1. Not going to watch these earth worship videos and try not to follow the pontiff's antics too closely.

  2. Where's the part about the sin of dumping babies' bodies in our landfills and our sewer systems? Why are the babies always invisible to this pope?


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