Monday, February 29, 2016

Two ADW Priests Channeling Their Inner Andrew Greeleys

Two priests in the Archdiocese of Washington have collaborated on a theological dissertation.. No, wait, scrub that!  It's a murder mystery novel.  Knowing who the authors are, I suspect the book would be good for a paperweight and that's about it.  Who are these two priests?

Long-time readers of this blog will be familiar with the name of Father Peter Daly, pastor of St John Vianny in Prince Frederick, MD.  He is on record as disregarding the Church's teachings regarding homosexuality. Why he retains his position might constitute its own mystery novel.

The second author is Father John Myslinski.  During the autumn of 2002, he was pastor of St. Mary's Church in Rockville Maryland.  When the first 9-11 anniversary was approaching, he announced plans to commemorate it with a Mass.  He had retained two Catholic pro-abortion politicians to speak from the pulpit.  I do not recall if they were to speak during Mass or afterwards; either way was bad enough.  One of them was Connie Morella.  She was the US Congressperson for that district and she was Catholic; neither of them are currently true.  A number of us committed to a street protest at the church if that appearance wasn't cancelled.  We advised both the parish and the DC chancery of the same.  Wiser heads must have prevailed for Morella's appearance was indeed cancelled.

On the Amazon link at the top, you can take a peek at the forward.  That gives an idea of the flavor and progressive bias of the book.  It is a flavor that warrants a one-word response - BLECH!!!  One might hope it doesn't channel Greeley's stuff entirely; the latter was know to contain pornography.  So now in this "year of mercy" they are letting loose with screed that decries the "increasingly dysfunctional papacy of Benedict XVI" (some of the first words of the forward).  But of course the timing is just a coincidence, right?  Might we also assume that this kitty-litter is being released with the knowledge, if not approval, of Cardinal Wuerl?

What other goodies await us during this "year of mercy"?

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