Tuesday, February 9, 2016

From The Ecumenicide Department - Death By Dialogue

Via Church Militant, I learned today that the USCCB is launching a new group called "National Catholic-Muslim Dialogue" to establish "mutual esteem", "greater understanding" and a "deep sense of trust".  This organization will be co-chaired by a Catholic and a muslim.  While the muslim is yet to be announced, the Catholic co-chair will be Archbishop Blaise Cupich.  Given what I've written about him in earlier posts, we can well wonder what could possibly go right with this looming debacle.

In that list of oh-so-lofty goals, there is no mention whatsoever of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the One True Faith to the lost souls that are the muslims.  As mentioned in yesterday's post, the Church's one mission is to save souls (Clergy!  Burn that into your memories!).  With all this jibber-jabber about "dialogue", the saving of souls will not be happening at these little gab-fests.  "But Jesus dialogued with people!", some might protest.  No He didn't.  He certainly had conversations with people, but they were not "dialogues" between equals.  He always taught, preached, exhorted, rebuked - always the conversations were between Master and disciples (unless the exchanges were malevolent, as with Caiaphas, Pilate, Pharisees, etc).  Never did He condescend to be regarded as "just one of the guys".

It seems like all sorts of substitutes are being put before our eyes to distract us from the salvation of souls.  With yesterday's post we see the distraction-du-jour was thinly-disguised gaia worship.  Today's revelation by Church Militant points to indifferentism.  I'm going to post below a commentary by Michael Matt regarding the yesterday's homage to environmentalism for he suggests a larger context to all of these pet projects of the vatican.


  1. Well, I am no liberal, but in 1970 I wrote a paper suggesting that the Church had every right and duty to speak up on behalf of our being good stewards of God's creation. You say that this is an issue of the radical left, but as a matter of fact it is precisely this issue that is at the root of the abortion crisis. This is the thing that drove the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation etc to put so much money and propaganda into preventing the "population bomb" by promoting contraception and abortion The argument is that we cannot have everyone on the planet enjoying a first world lifestyle without utterly destroying the environment, therefore we have to limit population. That may not have been the way abortion was "sold," but that argument was the driving force behind the people who were creating the propaganda that did work- "women's reproductive rights, etc." The Catholic/Christian response to that would be, well, if our hi-tech lifestyle is going to destroy the planet if everyone on planet earth enjoys an American lifestyle, then we have to simplify our lives, not murder babies. There is nothing at all radically left about the Pope's argument in this video. That we are stewards of God 's creation is unarguable. That we are messing up is also unarguable. The pope has every right and duty to speak up. If the radical left is pleased with this, so what? It may make them open to further arguments that the pope might make along the same lines that would cut radically in their agenda. For example, he might point out that as the result of the pill, our water supply is being contaminated by estrogen, therefore you radical leftists might think about Natural Family Planning, in fact about the entire Catholic sexual ethic. In short, Matt, I think you are being a little short-sighted with this comment. Aside from his right and duty to make such a video, it begins to open up a world of evangelical possibility.

  2. If their is anybody left who doesn't understand Pope Francis' rotten agenda for the Church, they have their head stuck in the sand.


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