Sunday, February 28, 2016

Petition To Pope Francis - Please Uphold Traditional Faith Or Resign

On December 8, 2015,  a group of faithful Catholics associated with The Remnant newspaper put forth a petition to Pope Francis.  In effect, it asks him to either start to assume the real duties of the Vicar of Christ or resign his office.  As evidence to corroborate the necessity for such a change, the petition lists some of the most egregious offenses against the One True Faith that had been perpetrated by the pope at the time of the petition.  It is a long list, and we have witnessed these atrocities being committed.

To those of my readers who insist that the pope is "being misrepresented, etc", I adjure you to immediately remove the happy-clappy rose-colored glasses.  Your attempts at self-deception simply cannot withstand the evidence, and such attempts may be inherently sinful.  It's time to grow up and face reality as it presents itself, not as we might wish it to be.  I too am pained to see this, but face it we must.  Else, how on earth can we pray for our Church in an intelligent fashion?

As I said, the petition was promulgated last December.  It predates the horrific heresy that the pope uttered during his most recent flight between Mexico and Rome regarding the allowance of contraception to prevent zika-infected children from coming into being.  That heresy only adds to the necessity of asking the pope to change course: either by upholding Church Tradition or resigning.

For close to 30 years I have been involved in pro-life activism as well as pursuing a faithful Catholic life.  To be frank, we must admit that the culture of death is advancing.  We will never have a snowball's chance in hell of reversing that trend unless and until the slime and corruption is removed from the One True Church.  We must be resolute in our efforts to do so, even if that corruption is to be found with the reigning pontiff.

Thanks to Thinking Catholic Blog, I have just become aware of this petition.  Already it has gone to Rome but we can still add our names to this.  I myself have done so.  I link to it now for your prayer and consideration.


  1. I and H signed it a few months back. I'm sorry, I should have brought this to your attention, my bad. Not so sure that even though it has gone to Rome, the Holy Father will see this, but???? I guess we try and do what we can do, and then allow Our Lord to handle the rest. May Jesus have Mercy on him, on our Church and on all of us!!

  2. Ann Barnhardt has written another request for the Bishops to depose Francis. It appeared (again) at the Remnant yesterday. If I could, I would sign the petition again, and again and again, until my fingers fell off. But, there is only so much the laity can do. We need Bishops with guts to act. FAITHFUL Bishops.......and how many of those do we have running around? Scary thought.


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