Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Latest CMP Video Exposes PP Affiliate Where Asst DA Sits On Board Of Directors

By now you may have heard David Daleiden, director of Center for Medical Progress, has been indicted by a Texas district attorney who was charged with investigating Planned Parenthood.  You may recall over the past few months the postings of various videos that caught Planned Parenthood officials red-handed in the sale and trafficking of the bodies of babies whom they murdered.

The DA in question is Devon Anderson of Harris County, TX.  Right from the get-go, her handling of this case has shown signs of corruption and cronyism.  Anderson was originally tasked with investigating Planned Parenthood; that means bringing evidence before a grand jury for their vote.  It appears that the grand jury never took a vote on the charges against Planned Parenthood; rather, they turned on CMP.  Ladies and gentlemen, even if the grand jury honestly found no basis to charge Planned Parenthood, they still should have taken an official vote accordingly.  They didn't; why?

Now consider that Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, sits on the board of directors of CMP.  At about the same time that Anderson assumed office in 2013, OR lodged a complaint against Houston abortionist Doug Karpen for especially grisly methods of baby murder.  Karpen was represented by Chip Lewis.  He at the time tried to turn the tables on OR; that move went nowhere.  OR's complaint prompted Texas to pass abortuary regulations known as HB2.

This same Chip Lewis is a close friend of Anderson's - and one of her largest political donors!  Coincidence?  How about the fact that one of Anderson's assistant DAs, Lauren Reeder, sits on the board of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast?  Oh, my!  All sorts of "coincidences" abound!

Your prayers are needed that real justice may be done in this situation.  Daleiden isn't letting this matter stop him.  Today CNP released another video in which Planned Parenthood admits to issuing padded invoices to research organizations to increase their blood money profits from the sale of tiny children.  The video is below.  Note at the 3:15 mark the words of Melissa Farrell are recorded.  She is Director of Research at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast - the same PP outlet that has Lauren Reeder, Harris County Assistant DA, on its board.  If you want to see the unedited video with PPGC personnel, go here.

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