Monday, February 15, 2016

Missionary Mish-Mash

I speak of these "missionaries of mercy".  Last April, Pope Francis said that these priests were going to be mobilized to facilitate the jubilee of mercy somehow.  Actually there is no sin that your ordinary parish priest cannot absolve.  I believe at one time abortion was reserved for the bishop, but most bishops have given their priests faculties to absolve that.

Hilary White is a Catholic writer/blogger.  You'll often see her writings at LifeSiteNews and I have linked to her on occasion.  A few days ago she put out an excellent analysis of the real conundrum that will be caused by these missionaries.  I needn't rehash her points here; I urge you to read her, along with my April piece, to see why we and others think that this stunt with the missionaries will actually serve to undermine the importance of Confession and real repentance in the eyes of Catholics.  In her piece, she posted a video that is an excerpt of one produced by Chris Ferrara and Michael Matt.  I'm posting the entire thing below for what they say is of vital importance.  Before the video I will voice some concerns about one of these "missionaries of mercy".

About thirteen years ago, Steve Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful issued a call to several Catholic bishops to block the priestly ordination of one Patrick Baikauskas to the priesthood and to have him expelled from the Order of Preachers (Dominicans).  He was divorced from his wife and was a gay activist, who lived with his accomplice in mortal sodomite sin until the latter died of AIDS.  Brady's plea fell on deaf ears.  Baikauskas was ordained and eventually became pastor of St Thomas Aquinas Church in West Lafayette IN.  During his time there, the parish participated in a local "gay pride" event, showing that Baikauskas was still quite the gay-rights advocate.  Judie Brown of American Life League took the Archdiocese of Lafayette to task for this, 

Yes, this gay-activist priest is a "missionary of mercy".  One wonders what business he has being a priest, let alone someone invested with special faculties.  God help the poor soul afflicted with same-sex attraction who seeks him out for guidance in living chastely according to the Church's teachings.  This begs the question "how are these priests vetted"?  Why was he selected despite his own obvious struggles with intrinsically disordered inclinations?  Or..was he selected because of them??  What abut the other "missionaries"?  I'm not suggesting that they're all to be avoided, but we see obvious causes for concern here.


  1. Yep, I watched this video on the remnant. They are now going after the sacrament of reconciliation. No one can tell me this is not purposeful. Are they trying to justify and make regular gay unions? Or maybe even cohabitation? Or adultery? All of this is evil.

  2. So, the guy, Patrick Baikauskas, was obviously ordained while he was in mortal sin. Is he even a priest?

    1. Who should be defrocked, if we had more bishops worth a you-know-what.Instead they are too busy taking money from the government to provide their false "mercy" message to illegals, so they can continue to live in comfort. Things won't change until the Satanic commies led by the Marxist in the Vatican either convert, or are struck down.

  3. What bishop ordained this man who had no true vocation? He has much to answer for as does this sodomite.


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