Friday, February 5, 2016

Video Of Pope Leo XIII

This is the earliest recording of a pontiff.  Taken in 1896, this takes place in the Vatican Gardens.  What you hear is the pope chanting the Ave Maria.  It was Pope Leo XIII who composed the Prayer to St. Michael and the other prayers that at one time were prayed after Low Masses prior to Vatican II.

Pope Leo XIII - Oldest Vatican Film (Rome, 1896)
Pope Leo XIII in the Vatican Gardens in 1896. This is the oldest known video footage of a Pope and the oldest Italian film in existence. Pope Leo XIII chanting Ave Maria in Latin is the oldest known audio recording of a Pope (Rome, 1903)."Sua Santità papa Leone XIII" è un film del 1896. Oltre ad essere il primo filmato in cui compare un papa è anche la più antica pellicola italiana tuttora esistente. Leone XIII recitando l'Ave Maria in latino è la più antica registrazione della voce di un papa (Roma, 1903).
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