Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Maryland School Officials Cower Before A Muslim Student Making Bomb Threats

At Chesapeake Middle School in Pasadena, MD (Anne Arundel County), a muslim student made a bomb threat.  Now remember; this is the state of Maryland where any hint of threat is taken very, very seriously!  Prior examples of their unceasing vigilance include:
  • Giving a two-day suspension to a seven-year-old after he bit his pop-tart into the shape of a gun - in Baltimore
  • In Calvert County, when a five-year-old brought a cap gun to school, he was subjected to a two-hour interrogation.  His parents were not notified.  He was suspended for the rest of the year.
  • In Montgomery County, another six-year-old was suspended after he pointed his finger at another child and said "pow".
  • In Talbot County, two other six-year-olds were suspended for the "high crime and misdemeanor" of playing cops and robbers
  • In Owings Maryland (Calvert County) an eleven-year-old was overheard on the school bus talking about guns.  That conversation occasioned a questioning by a sheriff's deputy who then wanted to search his family home.
Now one might think that if the state of Maryland is so scrupulous as to hammer little boys who even talk about weapons, that they might be even more concerned about an older boy talking of bombs.  Nope!  Read that first article again!  They are sitting on their hands, not raising their voices, doing absolutely nothing!  Why?  Because the "bomb-threat" kid is muslim!  They are a protected class of individuals per the politically-correct, progressive cabal.  The Maryland school officials can bully five-year-olds but they behave like spineless wimps in the face of a muslim adolescent.

When the Maryland elections next roll around, we need to vote out the whole lot of them.  In the meantime, if little boys want to play "cops and robbers", I'd suggest they voice the phrase "allahu akbar" when the grouses come to hound them.  If that muslim phrase is difficult for them to pronounce, perhaps they can substitute the phrase "hello snackbar"; that should get the point across and send the school officials running with tails between legs.

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