Saturday, April 28, 2018

Alfie Evans - Requiescat In Pace

From LifeSiteNews we read that Alfie Evans passed away at 2:30 AM today in Liverpool, local time.  While it is incorrect to imply that he is now an angel, it is true that as a baptised Catholic below the age of reason, he ascended immediately to heaven and (I think) can be regarded as a saint.  We can therefore invoke his intercession to pray for his poor parents who struggled valiantly against a murderous cabal that was once an honorable national government and the equally treacherous bishops (on both sides of the pond) who lifted not a finger to aid him.


Complicit in that mortal sin of murder were the bishops of England who dared to side with Alder Hey hospital as they were murdering that baby.  The royal family of England is also to be censured for its complicit silence.  As the Dutchess of Cambridge gave birth to her son, she could have spoken on behalf of Kate Evans and her child; she didn't.  Forever will that shame be on the royal family.  To be perfectly frank, I don't know why the Trump administration didn't lift its voice in the matter; that is a major disappointment, to say the least.  Also complicit were those "seamless garbage" types who lifted not one finger to assist in the effort to save Alfie.

The US bishops at least put out that one measly tweet to support the parents and it's quite likely that Pope Francis pullled some strings to encourage the Italian government to step up to the plate.  We thank Italy and the Gesu Bambino hospital for being ready to assist Alfie - if only they had been permitted to do so.  Poland and the European Parliament spoke for Alfie, as did the British citizens who protested in front of Alder Hey Hell-hole.

Alfie, please pray for us.  Pray that God bless your parents abundantly with consolation and peace.  They loved you and still do.  Please pray that western civilization, indeed the entire world, will repent and live by God's laws before it crumbles to the earth and countless souls lost.


  1. There really are no words for this atrocity....for this MURDER of a baby they had no rights over, except in their own minds and according to their own totalitarian 'rules'. If they can do it THERE don't think for a second they would not or could not do it HERE. Pray for Alfie's valiant but broken and most exhausted parents. May Our compassionate Lord and Savior shower them with His comfort, peace, and strength for the grueling days ahead, where it will seem impossible just to put one foot in front of the other. I am offering my Mass tomorrow for all of them. We need not pray for Alfie, he is now in the loving hands of Our Dear Savior. There is no doubt about that. He has been baptized and he was well below the age of reason.....just a baby. And he will be forever in heavenly bliss. In confidence that one day they will all be together again.

  2. Stand by: this type of "medicine" is coming to the USA!

  3. Pope Francis is the one responsible for the death of this innocent child. It was his duty to proclaim the truth of Christ--Thou Shalt Not Kill--rather than to mess with finding treatment options or not. The Pope met with poor Tom Evans, giving that heroic young man false hope, and then tbe Pope met with the bishop of Liverpool, after which meeting tbe priest who was serving as Alfie's chaplain was pulled away. I think that that is why Tom Evans gave up. People say, "The Hospital threatened to kill Alfie," but that can't be it, because the Hospital had been threatening to do that all along. I think Tom suddenly understood that tbere is no remedy anywhere. I think he was crushed by the realization that even tbe Holy Father himself is a fraud.

    Because today, does anybody even care about Alfie any more? Francis tweets that he is "deeply moved" by news of the child's death--so deeply moved, in fact, that he is sailing ahead with his global meetings about well-being and sustainability without a hitch. Count on it; he will be deeply moved when the Culture of Death comes after me and you as well. He couldn't go on ruling the Senate as Emperor Palpatine, if he was't.


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