Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Roberto De Mattei's Remarks Lend Credence To Calls For An Imperfect Synod

At the 2018 Catholic Family News conference last week, Church historian Roberto De Mattei called upon Catholics to resist the evil of papolatry  He called upon lay and clergy alike to fight the errors emanating from wayward pastors, calling the pastors out by name.   He pointed out that while cardinals cannot depose a pope, they can declare that a pope, by virtue of heresy, has lost his office.

I have seen calls on various sites for an imperfect synod to do just that.  With each insult to the Teachings of Jesus Christ that oozes forth from the Vatican, the case for such a synod grows stronger.  My main concern with that is that I don't believe there are enough cardinals with the orthodoxy and/or backbone to undertake such a task.


  1. Thank you for this post and supportive informative links re the present state of the Papacy.

  2. It would be magnificent if they did, but I for one am not holding my breath waiting for these Cowardinals to do ANYTHING.

  3. APRIL 11, 2018
    Roberto dei Mattei still cannot state that Lumen Gentium does not contradict the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus(EENS).Neither will he affirm the dogma EENS according to the missionaries and Magisterium of the 16th century.

  4. ......"I don't believe there are enough Cardinals with the orthodoxy an/or backbone to undertake such a task.".......BINGO!!! This is EXACTLY the problem. I believe this is the very reason that Cardinal Burke keeps talking about the 'Correction' but just won't/can't carry through with it. I believe, for all intent and purposes,he stands alone. And as much as we are tempted to criticize him for not 'carrying through', if you look at the landscape of the Church in 2018, it's obvious (or it SHOULD BE) that he has no support. From what I'm reading, even Cdl. Brandmuller has backed out of presenting Francis with a 'Correction.' He supposedly told Cdl. Burke that after the other two Cardinals went to their heavenly reward, that he was 'out of the game'. Out of maybe fear he backed out? And/or there just wasn't any other support out there? Cdl. Burke, I do believe, is standing solo. As unbelievable as that fact is, I believe that's what's going on. To take this task on 'solo' would really be a suicide mission. Our Lady of Fatima, PRAY FOR US!!

  5. The principal mistake is to believe that Bergoglio is a legitimate pope since the Magisterium of the Church decrees that a heretic can not become a pope and Bergoglio was already a public, notorious and contumacious heretic in Argentina, therefore Bergoglio remains the same Heretic that he was in Argentina because he has never renounced his heresy and where he had already implemented his heresy, which is now known as Amoris Laetitia. He allowed sacrilegious communion to adulterers and sodomites, and gay adoptions and gay civil pseudo-marriages, was a communist collaborator and gave his name to the Rotary masonic club of Argentina and a long etcetera. Being Bergoglio an heretic can be judged by the Church and deposed because he has never been a valid pope. Bergoglio is not a pope who fell into heresy but a heretic who usurps the papacy.

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