Friday, April 27, 2018

Indifference To Alfie Reveals Skewed Priorities Of So-Called Civilized People

In yesterday's post I stated that the USCCB uttered not one peep regarding Alfie Evans.  It turns out I was incorrect.  Stop the presses!  Drum rolls and trumpets please!  From Zenit we learn that the USCCB put out a tweet regarding Alfie.  I suppose it's better than the abysmal silence that still appears on their page.  Speaking of their page, notice the blurb about April being "Child Abuse Prevention Month".  No sane person can gainsay that Alfie is being abused by Alder Hey Hospital.

On Facebook I came across an excellent video by Reality Check regarding the skewed priorities of western society that Alfie's plight has made evident.  I cannot locate a youtube so I'll now link to their page.  Is it not a travesty that lions and gorillas garner more sympathy and outrage than does the brutal, deliberate attempt to murder a little child?  That goes double for Catholic bishops - at least British bishops.  Yes, the USCCB tweet was namby-pamby, but at least it's something.  It's not outright capitulation to the governmental forces of death.

By the way, going back to the "non-pro-life mutation", how can they possibly issue a non-statement regarding Alfie being wrested away from his parents, and then wax indignant about this?

Please - if you haven't already done so, contact the British officials shown at the bottom of the LifeSiteNews piece.  Demand that they exhibit some decency and allow Tom and Kate Evans to determine the treatment for their son Alfie.


  1. It's being reported that little Alfie died at 2:30 AM this morning. We at least can be POSITIVE he is now in the loving arms of Jesus. He was baptized and below the age of reason so there is no doubt whatsoever about this. May God shower His comfort on Tom and Kate, they did absolutely everything they could to save their son. Nick Donnelly was correct: "We will never again look at the English Bishops in the same way." I would apply that sentiment to almost the entire Church hierarchy. If they can betray the Evans family so utterly, they will absolutely do the same with every one of their faithful. I cannot imagine how utterly HORRID their Judgement will be.

  2. The USCCB has so shamelessly abandoned the sheep. It needs to be disbanded, and it's memory die away.

  3. Judas Iscariots one and all who have by their silence and even by their SUPPORT of the Horror House, Alder Hey. They have been complicit in the murder of this child and they are guilty of abandoning not only the flock but Christ Himself. Their judgement will hold even more horrors than this terrible crime. And yes jmbutk, the USCCB is not only useless to the Church, it is a DETRIMENT.

  4. It is worse than people realize. We start with a reminder. In June of 2017 the Pontifical Academy for Life appointed two new members who were George Soros scholars in the 90s and early 00s -- Drs. Kathleen Foley and Daniel Sulmasy.
    A little history. In 1994 Soros sponsored Project on Death in America and allocated $45 million to find physician academics in the major medical institutions. They were to work within the system to transform healthcare. Dr. Kathy Foley was put in charge of these the PDIA project and in record time palliative medicine became an official new subspecialty of medicine.
    Fellowships in palliative medicine became required for palliative specialists. No one was grandfathered in after that. Training in palliative medicine has become a standard part of the education of ALL specialists and generalists. We are deep into the transformation of healthcare by the culture of death.
    Palliative services are very much about turning the patient's focus from "curative care" to "comfort care only" and documenting the patients goals of care on forms like the POLST form. Without living wills and other advance directives palliative physicians and other palliative professional would be susceptible to lawsuits. That is why the POLST form is spreading into state statutes across America.
    Back to the Pontifical Academy for Life. About three months ago the Pontifical Academy for Life sponsored a 2-day workshop titled "Palliative Care: Everywhere and By Everybody." It sounds innocent enough but it is very evil. The Church is encouraging all countries -- rich or poor -- to give palliative care the badge of honor and to REQUIRE medical professionals to abide by the guidelines for palliative care. If you are interested understanding these guidelines, they have been revised a couple of times and can be found on the internet by googling "National Consensus Project Guidelines for Palliative Care, Revised."
    People call me regularly with stories about how they were caught off guard by the palliative care team and their loved one suffered consequences similar to the baby Alfie story. BTW, palliative care originated in England. Please see See "UK strategies for palliative care" by Llora Finlay, J R Soc Med, 2001; 94: 437-441 at

    Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD


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