Sunday, April 29, 2018

Fund Progressives In Disguise

The title of this post should be the title of this flyer to the right, for that is what we are being asked to do.  This was enclosed in our parish bulletin today.  Because there was no second collection today I realized this in-pew shake-down will happen in the near future.  Sure enough, here is the second collection schedule for the Archdiocese of Washington, showing it scheduled for May 13, two weeks from today.

Lepanto Institute, led by Michael Hichborn, has done much research into Catholic Relief Services.  Much of that research has been featured in previous posts in this blog on CRS (as well as additional research).  Among the many insults to Catholic faith and moral teaching committed by the CRS, we find the following:
  • the employment of flagrant sodomites in executive positions
  • the distribution of condoms and abortifacients by CRS staff
  • the funding and cooperation with other international organizations for the distribution of contraceptives, often against the wishes of local authorities.
Read that flyer very carefully.  Notice how most of the language centers around the theme of immigration.  Is that because there is really all that much compassion for the immigrant - or might there be other rea$onS?  Yes, I used dollar signs deliberately, for the CRS gets quite a bit from the feds to settle immigrants, regardless of legal status.  I link now to an article written by Deal Hudson on how CRS and other Catholic organizations have sold their souls for federal dollars.  Hudson brings out a good point by stating that those who contribute to CRS give to anti-Catholic outfits twice: once via federal income taxes and again through the donation.

Catholic Relief Services continue to prove why the "CRS" might well stand for "Catholics Riddled with Scandals".  They deserve not one red cent of the money of decent Catholics.  Please boycott this collection.  Say #no2crs.  This Lepanto article has a form at the bottom that you can put in your CRS collection on May 13.  Readers in other areas should check their second collection schedules as they may vary from place to place.  As the collection time draws near, I will be posting reminders.  Please pass this along to your email lists and other social media outlets.  Thank you.

P.S. - Please check your envelopes.  If your envelope gives a different date, please advise via comments.  Thank you.

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