Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Does The Alder Hey Hospital Have Ulterior Motives In Engineering The Death Of Alfie Evans?

In England, Baby Alfie Evans had his ventilator removed yesterday.  The clear if unspoken intent of the staff of Alder Hey hospital was that he should die.  That is, they intended to murder him.  However, he still continues to breathe on his own.  Now they are denying him food; that is, if they can't smother him, their method of murder will now be forced starvation.

The Italian government, to aid him, has made Alfie an Italian citizen and are ready to transport him to Gesu Bambino Hospital in Rome.  Yet the murderous monsters who now control the British government won't allow it.  What kind of vested interest do they have in the death of this child?  Seems senseless, doesn't it?

Well, maybe not!

Apparently Alder Hey Hospital has been embroiled in a bit of scandal regarding the harvesting and storage of the bodies of babies for research.  This all came down in 2004-2005 so it may have faded from memories.  It certainly did from mine until I saw an article on Canon 212.   Doctors at Alder Hey took organs from dead children without their parents' consents.  These parents were denied justice as the Crown inexplicably dropped charges.  One might wonder if a few "pounds sterling" greased some palms.

At any rate, it makes one wonder that if Alfie were to be removed from the hospital, might his parents and/or other doctors (real doctors, that is) find evidence of, uh, "tampering" shall we say?  Why else would they be so adamant about keeping him there?  Of course I don't believe this crap that Alder Hey plopped out and neither does any sane person.  If his retention at Alder Hey serves any "best interests", it's those of that Frankenstein house of horrors that they call a hospital.  I must say they certainly have their network of stooges peppered throughout the UK high courts.  The hospital got off scott free in 2005; it pays to have friends in high places.  In fact, I'm sure one must pay to have friends in high places.  These "friends" are certainly going to bat for the hospital today, just as they did 13-14 years ago.

Father Pavone of Priests for Life put up a site whereby we can email to the hospital that they should allow that baby to live.  I urge you to go to it.  At the very least it will show them that the world is watching and remembering.  Certainly pray your rosaries, for there most certainly are demonic forces at play here.

By the way: where is the "non pro-life mutation" in all this?  Why do we hear nary a peep from them or from Rehumanize International?  Don't they care about the plight of this poor child?  It seems not; at least there is no evidence of it.


  1. Thank you for your research about this hospital. It is yet another piece of evidence that there is an important connection between those who pronote vital, unpaired organ donation and those who are in the Palliative Care movement.

    The Third Path Movement or the low profile wing of the euthanasia movement uses the vehicle of palliative medicine to hasten death. It was brought to America with the financial help of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and George Soros Open Society Foundation and is now rapidly developing in all countries thanks to people like Dr. Kathy Foley who is a member of the newly-reconstituted Pontifical Academy for Life.

    The Third Path is the healthcare version of the Jacobian Third Way Movement begun in England many decades ago. Today, Alfie-like cases are happening more quietly in healthcare settings all over the world, but they are rapidly becoming the standard of end of llife care in a one world economy.

  2. This situation is SO EVIL that even Poop Francis had to give a half-hearted support of the child.Sorry to say but indications are that the UK has gone totally godless. Of course, we in the west are not too far behind.

  3. I have been following this case for a while now. Several times 'harvesting' went through my mind but I dismissed it. Whatever their motive is.....it is DIABOLICAL. People all over the world are praying for this baby and his parents, and I will continue to pray for them. I will also go to the hospital's website and encourage others to. Another little tid bit that I have read in several places now is that Judge Harvey (?) I believe that's his name, is an active and raging homosexual and activist that has a deep hatred of Christians and especially Catholic Christians. By the description of him, he is portrayed as a very sick puppy. Not only are the Evans Catholic, but their lawyer who has gone before him several times now, is also Catholic from what I am reading. Thank you so very much for shedding more light on this horrendously evil situation.

  4. Correction to my previous post: It's not Justice HARVEY, it's Justice HAYDEN:)

  5. The UK government controls life and death; not God. [remember-their monarch, not God, heads their denomination]. Let us see how this works out for them. There is a divine "what goes around comes around" for every one of us. Guy McClung, Texas TBFC

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  6. Robert Moynihan has another take from a message someone sent him -- that if Alfie reaches his second birthday he is eligible for compensation for vaccination damage. I'm posting Moynihan's letter on my blog.


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