Monday, April 16, 2018

Two Little Boys

Yesterday the pope engaged in an outdoors address of a parish in Rome.  A little boy named Emanuele addressed a question to Pope Francis regarding his atheist father who just died.  In a nutshell the pope dismissed the necessity for baptism and belief in Jesus Christ to attain salvation.  I needn't rehash what other bloggers have already adroitly done.  Suffice it to say that I agree with Louie Verrechio in saying that much of this event was staged.  The little boy may well have been concerned about his father, but the language he used was rather advanced for a six-year-old.  Gloria TV states that while God does not abandon the sinner, it's the sinner who abandons God.

Now on to the other little boy.

His name is Alfie Evans.  He is a sick little boy in England, in the clutches of the so-called "national health service".  The latter has been chomping at the bit to murder Alfie by disconnecting his life support over the objections of his parents.  The pope has finally weighed in on the matter - sort of!  He yapped and yammered about "delicate situations, very painful and complex" and "joint efforts of families, doctors.."  He absolutely refused to utter clear teaching from the Church.  The teaching is clear - nothing "complex" about it.  Have you ever noticed that when people don't want to admit to clear standards of right versus wrong in a given situation, they claim it's "complex"?  They do so only to avoid being held accountable for conformity and obedience to truth.  We also are treated to nonsense about "joint efforts".  But who has the authority over a child?  Clearly it's the parents - yet the pope did not state that.  Does he not believe that?

Both Emanuele and Alfie have suffered immense disservice from this pope.  In Emanuele's case he was denied the truth regarding heaven and the necessity for believing.  In Alfie's case he was denied a voice needed to perhaps save his life.


  1. Just one more 'endearing' way for the 'message' to get out that there is no Catholicism being promoted in the Vatican under this 'Papacy'. What's being promoted is the thought that EVERYONE goes to Heaven if he/she was a good person. These people that are surrounding the 'Pope' and the 'Pope' himself are anti Catholic, anti Gospel, and anti Christ. This was a 'sugar coating' on their arsenic. How sweet, compassionate, and loving is their anti Christ message!!

  2. I have seen the clip with Emanuele and how the one priest grabbed his arm and made him go to the pope; the little boy did not want to go. Of course it was all staged with cameras rolling. And this pope refuses constantly to state the Catholic position on many issues. And, in fact, denies them when saying any one, muchless an atheist goes directly to heaven. The scandals are not only weekly but almost daily,

  3. "If, however, some were saved without receiving any revelation, they were not saved without faith in a Mediator, for, though they did not believe in Him explicitly, they did, nevertheless, have implicit faith through believing in Divine providence, since they believed that God would deliver mankind in whatever way was pleasing to Him, and according to the revelation of the Spirit to those who knew the truth, as stated in Job 35:11: “Who teacheth us more than the beasts of the earth.”

    St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, II-II q. 2 a. 7 ad 3.

  4. Guys, c'mon don't you realize yet that these staged events like this one, or the wedding on the plane, or the interviews with the reporter who doesn't take notes, are merely the vehicle by which this pope communicates his REAL message.

    EVERYTHING is staged to offer plausible deniability, to confuse.... he's offering "parables" if you will, so that those with "ears to hear" will rejoice in the "good news" that the Francis is here to destroy the Church. And believe me, those that hate the Church are rejoicing.


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