Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Riddance To Father Pfleger!

Finally!  Cardinal George has suspended the faculties of Father Michael Pfleger, pastor of St Sabina.  Fr Pfleger has earned his dubious distinction of being "Obama's other pastor".  Apparently the straw that broke the camel's back was Pfleger's refusal of the Cardinal's transfer of him to a local Catholic high school.  Because Pfleger threatened to leave the Church, the Cardinal informed him, "if that truly is your attitude, you have already left the Catholic Church, and therefore are not able to pastor a Catholic church", and, "this conflict is not between you and me ... You are not a victim of anyone or anything other than your own statements."

Time and space prohibit me from detailing all of Pfleger's antics throughout the years.  I will highlight a few of them with links to previous posts:

One lady did bemoan his suspension; she said that Pfleger "has done important work such as trying to stop gun violence."    Hmmm...  Important work!  Does that "important work" include threatening to "snuff out" the owner of Chuck's Gun Shop?

Let us hope and pray that this suspension of priestly faculties will be a wake-up call to Father Pfleger.  In so many ways he has insulted the God to whom he is vowed to serve.  His immortal soul is in grave danger of eternal damnation.  Pray for him and his misguided adulators, that they will repent and return whole-heartedly to Mother Church.

UPDATE - The full text of Cardinal George's letter to Father Pfleger is available online.


  1. Please forgive my ignorance but can you tell me what the initials DC stand
    for ? Catholicism has become so politically correct that one wonders wh at percentage of todays Catholics actually believe in the concept of sin.
    The current Jesuit Universities are no more Catholic than places like
    Columbia University, and Harvard. Very nice to see this blog. Reminds one that there were times when Catholics knew that Catholicism was not
    a cafeteria where you could choose what you rules you would obey and pass over the ones you found unpalatable. Keep up the good work.

  2. "DC" is simply an abbreviation for "Washington DC", which is my home diocese.

    Thank you for your kind words. By no means are we alone. I suggest you check out the other blogs/sites on the right sidebar, as well as that of the Catholic Media Coalition for some excellent input.


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