Sunday, May 10, 2020

Corona Highlighting Need For Repentance

I urge one and all to listen to this.  I do have a few comments.

First, he is correct about the need to vote pro-life.  However, elections only happen every few years.  We need to be engaged between elections as well.  An excellent way is to be in front of abortion mills praying and/or offering assistance to women on a regular, committed basis.

Second, there is the issue of sodomy.  Both abortion and sodomy "cry out to heaven for vengeance" and both stem from the wanton disregard for Christ's teachings regarding marriage, sexuality, life, family - particularly those found in Casti Connubi and Humanae Vitae.  Our Lady of Fatima told the children that most people go to hell because of sins of the flesh and that the final battle between God and Satan will revolve around the family.

Right now, the Church's response to the covid matter has been abysmal.  At a time when we need more prayer, more Sacraments, the leadership has by and large cut off the faithful from the Sacraments.  They cite the need to attend to physical health, but fail to prioritize spiritual health over the physical.

In addition to the courses of action recommended by Terry, we must also stand against the encroaching tyranny directly.  While the tyranny might be being allowed by God, still the tyranny remains an intrinsic evil.  That cannot be passively accepted anymore than other evils.


  1. You ARE So so right..... I fear that this pest will not disappear for the same reasons mentioned by you and in the video....the CHURCH is NOT doing it to help us....very tragic...very sad...and if the clergy in general hear these comments they believe that you are crazy....Thank you!

  2. Excellent post. We notice that our bishops asked for prayers regarding corona, but NO prayers for repentance. NO admission of guilt. When you ask our Blessed Mother for something, you have to offer something in return. Spiritual blessings require an initial spiritual act by the bishops and faithful. Whereas Corona only hospitalizes about 2% (at last these Canadian statistics), and from that 2% only about 10% die, the death rate of spiritual viruses is 100% without Repentance as the only antidote. As Archbishop Lenga has pointed out these bishops are afraid of the Masonic Virus, afraid of their superiors, of the media, of propaganda... but they are NOT afraid of Judgement. The only conclusion is they no longer believe. If my memory serves me correctly, only three active bishops in the worlds' hierarchy signed Archbishop Vigano's Letter. It is also interesting that the vast majority of signers were from former Soviet Republics, with the outstanding hierarchy (the ONLY truly Catholic hierarchy in the world) of Kazakstan leading the charge. Not one Canadian bishops signed, and only one American - Bishop Strickland.

    For the deadly viruses of abortion, sodomy, pornography, contraception NOT one word of repentance.


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