Saturday, May 2, 2020

Local Tin-Horn Tyrants Manifest Themselves

People are indeed acting like chickens with their heads cut off.  Certainly their brains have been short-circuited.  Consider NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio.  His latest hysterics were caused by a group of Orthodox Jews engaging in a funeral service.  He snarled at both Jews and Christians saying "the time for warnings has passed" and "you need to stop services".  Now what was that about "separation of Church and state again"?  Of course we always knew that when the left uttered that mantra, they meant that religious beliefs were not permitted to be implemented in public arena - all about the marginalization of faith.  That marginalization has been racheted up a few notches, so now the state is invading houses of worship.  But I digress!  Say!  Isn't this the same fellow who decided to "donate" over 400,000 meals to Muslims to break their ramadan fasts?  Guess who's really paying for that?  Gotta love that selective "separation of church and state"!  So is De Blasio blaming the covid death rate of NYC on Jews?

Al Gore begs to differ!  According to him, the real cuprit behind covid is fossil fuels!  It's all that global warming, you know!  But wait a minute!  Doesn't the covid-19 virus disintegrate in warm temperatures?  My!  Talk about an Inconvenient Truth!

All too often, though, our bishops outdo the secular dictators in sheer pettiness and stupidity.  I admit that Canada is a bit further down the rabbit hole of lunacy than are we, but we're not that far behind.  Bishop Albert Thevonet of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, really believes that marriage is bad for "social distancing"!  Very bad!  But if they must get married, Thevonet insists that weddings confom to local health regulations. That means that bride and groom must stand two meters apart during the nuptial Mass!  I'm not kidding!  At first I thought I was reading the Babylon Bee!  What sane person would cough up this crap?  None!  Just what does this bishop expect the hapless newlyweds to do on their wedding night?

Wisconsin police (of Calumet County) harrass a mother for the high crime and misdemeanor of (gasp!) letting her daughter play at a neighbor's home.  Watch that exchange!  The male deputy is Matthew Eberhardt.  The sheriff's department webpage is already in damage control mode.  Contact them and let them know your displeasure at their unconstitutional overreach.

Here's Knox County TN telling churches they may not distribute Communion.  According to those local despots, Communion is "not deemed core worship".  So now they have the chutzpah to dictate our doctrine to us???

Some good people are starting to stand up for their liberties.  Here's an account of a Virginia church that is suing the governor of Virginia for his unconstitutional stay at home order.

Meanwhile, here in the People's Republic of Maryland, Hogan shows no signs of letting up with his draconian measures.  His press conferences aren't much more than exercises in preening and posturing.  Ad nauseum we are told how he, as governor, was ahead of most other states in dealing with the pandemic.  Oddly enough, though, we are lagging behind in the resumption of our civil liberties and economic life.  I sense an inconsistency here.

Ah, but he is taking measures!  You'll be reassured to know that the Baltimore City Police is hiring (drum roll, please) Covid-19 Social Compliance Officers!  Take a gander at that advertisement and the qualifications for which they seek!  Military experience!  De-escalation skills (whatever the hell that means)!  Now look at the "pay and benefits" section.  There's "opportunity for growth"!  No wait a minute!  Doesn't "growth" require time, and a considerable amount at that?  Just how long do the oligarchs plan to keep this lockdown in place?  According to what Hogan said in the early days, we'd be getting back to normal soon, precluding any such "opportunity for growth"!

Now if Hogan is really gung-ho on public safety, then why, oh why, is he getting set to release hundreds of prison inmates into society?  Is it to make room in the jails for those recalcitrant "selfish" ones who simply want to support their families and walk "the wrong way" down the grocery store aisles?  Far-fetched?  Then why did four separate police departments descend upon a Cecil County restaurant owner when he served carry-out in compliance with all "social distancing" regs?  He is demanding answers and I hope he files suit.

WTOP has some questions about Hogan.  They too have noticed him bragging about himself and his multitude of public appearances.  Normally I don't pay too much attention to mainstream media but this time I think they are on to something.  Hogan is on his second term as governor.  He can't run again for that seat.  But he can run for federal office.  Chris Van Hollen is up for reelection in 2022.  Does he seek that seat?

It's quite possible that he has his sights set on the presidency, perhaps even to challenge Trump for this coming presidential election.  Consider what he is doing with those 500,000 test kits that he just got from South Korea.  No, I am NOT quoting the Onion on this.  He has them stashed away in a secret location, guarded by both Maryland State Troopers and the Maryland National Guard, against the federal government, i.e., President Trump.  Talk about a direct slap in the face to the president - or maybe it's just paranoia!  Actually I think it's just purely political posturing at our expense.  I don't think the kits have been tested by the FDA so how can Hogan be sure that they aren't tainted?  This is crap that I would have expected from Hillary or Obama, not a GOP governor.

Hogan needs to retire, but first he needs to do something decent and start the reopening of Maryland, and the nationwide tyranny needs to stop.

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  1. Amen to everything you said here, Janet. If we started a list of all the crazy stuff going on with assaults against honest and sensible citizens we could fill a book. The situation in Maine in Michigan would be good places to start. Why would any sane governor lock down her mostly rural and un-populated state for 1100 cases, 53 deaths and currently about 33 hospitalizations. They have 1.3 million citizens for heaven's sake! The madness is becoming more and more clear. With 33 million now out of work we're on the cusp of revolution. The tyrants at the top would do well to study history. Even tyrants fall and they get hardly more than a footnote in the history books. Who will remember Governor Hogan in fifty years (or five)?


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