Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Howard County MD Dictating Religious Practices

As mentioned in the previous post, most of Maryland is starting to open up, with the exception of Montgomery County.  Masses will start to happen, although the restrictions on them remain draconian.  However, the executive of Howard County, Calvin Ball, is still flexing his inner tyrant.  He has forbidden the consumption of food and drink during services.  In a valid Mass, the priest must consume the Host and the Sacred Blood.  If that doesn't happen, the Mass isn't licit.

Archbishop Lori has weighed in.  He has "serious concerns".  I should hope so.  Now what is he prepared to do about it?  Might I suggest he look to his brother bishops in Minnesota?  Many churches across the country are prepared to defy their local overlords.  WIth the exception of the Minnesota bishops, I don't know of any other Catholic clergy who are exhibiting anywhere near the courage and resolve of their protestant counterparts.

We have the fullness of Faith.  We have the Sacraments.  I would ask why don't all our prelates display some spinal fortitude, but readers of this blog (and others) can surmise why.


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  2. "We have the fullness of Faith. We have the Sacraments. I would ask why don't all our prelates display some spinal fortitude, but readers of this blog (and others) can surmise why"
    This the quote I meant to send.. . Can you work your magic and make the alteration

  3. Resist, and make the lunacy known so that in elections these tyrant bolsheviks are removed

  4. They are attempting to dismantle the very heart of the Mass. What is the Mass without the Eucharist I might ask?

  5. It happens in the state of Maryland, in the land of Mary. Howard County was incorporated on May 13, (1838), on the day of Our Lady of Fatima, so the matter concerns the end times. County authorities banned the consumption of any food and drink in Catholic churches. Through this decision of the secular authorities, Our Lady tells us that we no longer have the Body of God in the churches, but only ordinary wafers and wine. It is also known that the Daily Sacrifice ceased on October 27, 2019, when Jorge the Apostate sacrificed at the Lord's altar for Pachamama in Saint Peter's in Rome.
    Howard County issued this decision on May 26 (2020), on the commemoration of Saint Eleuterius, the 13th pope. This pope confirms this interpretation with his authority, because he himself "Abolished * some Jewish dietary customs for Christians." It has been the custom of Catholics to eat the Lord's Body, but now there is only wheat wafer (sometimes also wine).


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