Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Dowload These Movies NOW!!

Today Hogan has eased somewhat our de facto house arrests.  Well, that's nice but is by no means satisfactory.  Evidence exists that this corona scare may well have deliberate and sinister origins.  Whether or not Hogan is in on this, or just sees this as a way to advance political ambitions, I've no way of knowing.  At the very least, he and a lot of others are being manipulated.  Please download these before they "disappear".  I've already done so.  We need to stop our unquestioning acceptance of the slop that mainstream media hurls in our direction.  Let's learn to think and to connect some dots here.

UPDATE - the video above is my second attempt to present Dr Judy Mikovits.  Youtube did indeed pull it.  I see some sources that take exception to what she says, but so far I've seen no reasons put forth, except disapproval of her taking on Fauci.  Courtesy of z3news, here it is.

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