Friday, May 29, 2020

We Are Not Out Of The Woods By A Long Shot

My previous post detailed how Howard County's dictates would effectively forbid Mass - or make it illegal.  Well, it seems that common sense prevailed for Howard County withdrew that order today.

In Montgomery County, Mark Elrich loosened the chains slightly  He held a press conference outside today, I think in Rockville, where he announced that the county would implement "phase one" effective Monday June 1st.  Watch the entire video in the WJLA piece.  He is catching some well-deserved flack.  One might say it's rude behavior, but consider that those people have lost jobs, livlihoods, savings, etc, and all for jackbooted posturing.  I salute that lady who held that sign up.

The would-be demagogues need to see that we won't take their tyranny sitting down - or at least many of us are prepared to fight to live as free people.  Below is a video done by a woman who sat in on "contact tracing" training and who issues a stark warning.  We must continue to be vigilant, espeically against this HB 6666 - and watch our phones!


  1. Anne Arundel Co. is still forbidding more than 10 in a church, but please go to Walmart! It's sickening. The HoCo deal made me seethe, because all the ArchBalt people could muster was "concern" about it. Guess that state and federal money has too much allure for them to do more than make a note in the file.

  2. Please sign this petition to the White House about contact tracing. The minimum number of signatures for a response has been met, but more signatures will indicate that many people are concerned.


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