Friday, May 8, 2020

Why Infringement On Our Civil Rights Is More Deadly Than Corona

A few days ago, Kansas City Mayor Quintin Lucas ordered churches to turn over names and addresses of all those who attended their worship services.  Obviously that is an action that one might expect to find in Red China, but not in the United States.  Many good people thought the same thing too, when this news went viral.  Realizing he was not going to escape public scrutiny, the less-than-illustrious mayor backpedaled his order.  Similarly, we all heard the saga of Shelly Luther, the Dallas hair stylist who was sentenced to 7 days in jail for opening her salon.  It seems that she believed that she and her employees needed to work to feed their families.  Read the account of her trial before an Obama-appointed judge who ordered her to apologize.  She refused.  Governor Abbott ordered her released.  We hope some of that common sense prevails in Michigan, where a homeowner faces 93 days in jail for growing a vegetable garden in her yard.  How on earth a vegetable garden could ever spread any disease is beyond me.  I hope the woman sues.

Recently, US Attorney General Barr announced that it's time to roll back the draconian restrictions that have been placed on US citizens by state and local governments.  He stated quite clearly that "the Bill of Rights doesn't go away during a crisis".  In many ways he echoed the words that US Congressman Andy Harris spoke to us this past Saturday in Salisbury.

Some lawsuits against tin-horn governors, including my own, are in progress.  Tabernacle Baptist Church is suing Kentucky Governor Beshear for closing churches while allowing abortuaries to remain open.  A few days ago, Reopen MD, along with three state delegates, filed suit in the US District Courts to end Hogan's dictatorial escapades.  Embedded in this post is the text of the complaint.

We now read the news that Chicago pastors plan to reopen their churches, regardless of the dictates of the mayor.  Sadly, but not at all suprisingly, no Catholic clerics joined these courageous pastors.  I've outlined in previous posts some of the despicable antics of our prelates, no need to rehash that here.

Other prelates are speaking out.  In an interview, Cardinal Gerhardt Muller flat out said that no bishop has the right to ban public Masses.  Apparantly there have been some silly suggestions regarding the distribution of Holy Communion in plastic baggies.  Cardinal Sarah rebuked that nonsense squarely.

These two cardinals, along with other prelates and leading Catholics, have issued a warning to the world in light of the covid pandemic.  They see clearly that this is being used to insinuate a dangerous, one-world government that is all-encompassing and tyranical, and to destroy western civilization.  They state so quite clearly.  All should read it, especially those good pro-lifers who are all too willing to give our politicians a pass on their encroachments on our civil liberties.  This simplistic, passive stance towards the events of the past two weeks is very dangerous.  I've stated before that we've forgotten who we are as Catholics and as US citizens.

The various protests give hopeful signs that some are starting to wake up.  What faithful Catholics need to do is understand that many of our prelates are in cahoots in the attempt to establish this one world government, about which Cardinals Zen, Muller and others warn.  There is much more to world events than meets the eye.  We must pray to have our eyes opened and to have the courage and vision to do what needs to be done.

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  1. Trunews has been airing "Plandemic" on their Facebook page. They are also providing superb coverage and commentary on the outrages perpetrated by the civil authorities under the pretext of this "plandemic". Keep up the fight! So sad that most Catholics - including "traditionalists" - are blind to the sinister schemes of these evil people.


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