Friday, May 15, 2020

Red Rose Rescue In Washington DC Thursday May 14 2020

In the eyes of civil government, churches are deemed "non-essential" and are closed by unconstitutional dictatorial fiat.  Meanwhile, the baby-slaughter business is considered "essential".  The babies would take exception, and God certainly does.  Atrocities such as this are some of the reasons why God has allowed this corona scourge to afflict us.  The pro-life activists that you see in this clip (and others like them) stand in the breach as did Moses and Aaron to intercede, to stand in the gap, with their intercessions and works of mercy.

Not only do I encourage you to pray for an end to abortion, but to get yourself in front of the killing centers and be a witness for life.  The time is long past (if ever it existed) when we can sit on the sidelines and pretend that this isn't our problem.  We will all stand before God as He judges us at our death.  How will we answer Him?

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