Friday, June 26, 2020

Cathoic Charities CEO Botches Incarnation, Supports BLM

(HT - One Mad Mom)

Here we have the CEO of Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington outright saying that because he is a white person, he is a racist, and then links his alleged "racism" with the fact that he is white.  Well, the automatic linkage of "racism" to Caucasian heritage is itself racist, so I will concede his own self-diagnosis.  Then comes the theological pronouncement at the 2:30 mark, when he says "our Catholic faith tradition was built on the premise that a baby born in a manger in the middle east was a white baby".  And to think that for over two thousand years, the Apostles, evangelists, Doctors of the Church, saints, etc got it all wrong, thinking that Jesus was God incarnate, without that toxic whiteness dawning on them even for an instant!  Silly bumpkins, we are!  How did western civilization ever survive without the sage wisdom of Rob McCann?

Then his states that "Catholic Charites supports Black Lives Matter" at the 5:00 mark.  Please check out the video linked in the previous post, where a BLM founder acknowledges the Marxist underpinnings of the BLM.  For that matter, check out BLM's own webpage.

I would think that not only Catholic Charities is supporting a Marxist, violence-spewing organization that is Black Lives Matter, but so is the rest of the vipers' den that is the USCCB.  Watch the video below.

A note to Catholic Charities trolls: any thoughts you have towards taking down this embarrassment of a video are understandable, albeit dishonest.  Don't bother, we've archived it, and any removal will only incriminate you further as conniving fools.


  1. Instead of removing it from their facebook page, they chose to HIDE all of the comments, nearly all of which called out how inappropriate and insulting the video was. Extremely sad. Not only does he think it's appropriate to speak on behalf of others and call divisive names, dissenters are then silenced...

    1. Two of us have called them out on it. We'll see how long those comments stay up there.


  2. Strange how "racism" always ends up as the forbidden fruit of Eden!!! Catholic Charities itself has become racist in a sinful way and possibly heretical, by implying a racist theme on the very Incarnation. Instead of acknowledging a common heritage from Adam and Eve it joins forces with the Globalist themes of divide and conquer and subdue entire peoples and races....There is one race..the HUMAN RACE and preaching as the very well overly compensated Rob McCann preaches puts him on the dangerous ramp on the Highway to Hell! Distortions of the truth have their consequences and his very soul may hang in the balance.!!!! I wouldn't give one dime to Catholic Charities or Catholic Releif Services.....they are outgrowths of a distorted philosophy of Globalism and a cancer on the One, Holy, Catholic and Universal Church!!!!!

  3. McMann out of his own mouth states "I am a racist". He is either lying, being disingenuous and engaging in macabre social manipulation, or he is telling the truth. So either the this man is a LIAR or a RACIST. I shall take him at his word: he is a racist. Now the next question is: why are bishops keeping a racist in a position of power in their organization, paying him a huge salary (whilst tens of millions are unemployed, but I digress)? So, logically, they are racists too.
    Perhaps BLM can do Catholics a favour (as God writes straight with crooked lines) and drive these men out of their episcopal Sees?

    Keep up the great work of exposing these evil subverters!

  4. If he really feels that way, then he should immediately resign and ask that a POC be appointed to the position. Time to Walk the Walk, and not simply Talk the Talk.


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