Tuesday, June 16, 2020

CHAZ Or Mommy's Basement?

As many of us heard by now, a bunch of antifa-blm-whatever spoiled-brat thugs descended upon a six-block section of Seattle, setting up their own pseudo-nation.  They call it "Capital Hill Autonomous Zone", or CHAZ for brevity.  They were assisted by the bubble-headed mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, who likened it to a "summer of love" (her words).  She ordered the police who were stationed in that area to leave the station, effectively throwing them under the bus.

This bunch has set up walls and "check-points".  Hey!  If nothing else, those twerps are learning that borders actually serve a purpose!

But reality is starting to hit some of these refugees from Mommy's basement!  I don't know how many of them actually worked one day of their lives, but they seem rather unacquainted with the concept of earning a living and that the necessities of life don't just magically appear at one's beck and call.  You want something?  You pay for it!  That means one must work in order to earn the money to pay for needed items.  That seems like a logical concept to most sane adults, but that reality seems to be crashing upon the Chaz-dwellers' pipe dreams.

Get a load of this.  One starry-eyed individual left their tent for a while.  When he/she came back, they found their tent raided, with laptop, $400 cash and supplies gone.  "Welcome to communism, it is good, suck it up" was the reply they got.

I wonder if the Chaz grand poobahs would consider murder to be an "unplanned demise"?  But I digress!

Now that "time's up" is on the receiving end of the politically correct crap, what is his/her minset now?   Will he/she wake up, smell the coffee and perhaps grow up a bit?

Others are sending out pleas for free goodies.  To wit:

The hubris evinced by Abby Brown is laughable.  Perhaps she never heard that beggars can't be choosers.  Anyone who really needs water does not get persnickety about the precse brand or flavor of it.  Perhaps it's just satire.  I hope so, for I'd hate to think someone is that dense.  I truly hope that no one is so stupid as to pamper these overgrown brats.

The flow of supplies, if any, should be halted and then the sadder and hopefully wiser marauders will sheepishly come out of there to seek out campus safe spaces or their mothers' basements.  The local government could accelerate that process by cutting off water and electricity to that area.  The poor dears wouldn't be able to recharge their smart phones!  The horror!

At some point this farce must end.  The president has stated that he will do so if the mayor and governor refuse to do so.  I call upon him to please stop the dilly-dallying and get on with it.  There are innocent people paying the price for these shenanigans; for their sake - and to prevent any similar stunts in the future - real law and order must be restored and the perpetrators punished NOW.


  1. Are there any grownups in charge? I've been around, remember the 60's riots, and it was nothing like this.
    They went in, they did mass arrests. They used tear gas, rubber bullets, whatever it took to restore order. Now, criminals and Communists are coddled, and the average taxpaying American can just lump it. Our political "leaders", absent. From here, it certainly looks like you can do any illegal thing as long as it's under the category of "protesting". If that is the case, why am I working? I don't feel like working, I'd rather have my days off. I might as well go hit up a 7-11 during a "protest".
    A thug pushed a 92 year old woman down onto the sidewalk for no reason at all, in New York. A black man attacking an elderly white woman, because he's so full of hate and she dared to walk down the sidewalk. He punched her in the face, and left her laying on the sidewalk, where she hit her head. Ninety-TWO. He is 31.
    But oh, white people are SO racist, and for no reason.
    It's too much really, all of it.

  2. "Chas or mommies basement?"
    You were right the second time...

  3. You are right. This ain’t the 60s. Back then the majority of population were God fearing. Today 10 Commandments & God are gone from public square. We now have timid pansy leaders & Catholic hippie leaders. President Trump is very wise to stay out of this degenerate mess & allow all the asleep citizens to see EXACTLY what Soros & Dems want for entire Country. Shame for descents caught inside, but the evildoers & bad leaders are showing their last bad hand.

  4. I don't think Trump will touch these people. This is worth $500Million in campaign advertising.

    1. Be that as it may, there remains the fact that Trump said he would intervene if local authorities failed or refused to do so. It is also a matter of him being true to his word. If he has reconsidered (not necessarily a bad thing), then he should update his pronouncement.

  5. Min Bee

    Wed, Jun 17, 12:26 PM (12 hours ago)

    to me

    Dorothy Day, the cofounder of the "Catholic" Worker, would be wetting her pants in excitement at the existence of CHAZ. She never met a radical protest she didn't like. She hoped that the US would undergo such a "revolution" and that it would be the one exception and would not be "violent." More information can be found at "Dorothy Day Another Way," https://dorothydayworker.blogspot.com/

    Perhaps you would consider adding the Dorothy Day blog to your "ABBERANT GROUPS" list? The blog cites restore dc catholicism posts.

    1. Min, when was the last time the blog was updated? I don't keep blogs on my list that haven't been updated. In fact, I will soon be pulling down some blogs if they aren't soon updated. It does seem like there is no way to view posts in chronological order there.

  6. I am old enough to remember the same crap back in the '60s and early '70s. Every kid who ran off to a commune or some other form of "socially just" society, quickly became a conservative when their stuff was stolen and they realized their utopia is just that—a place that doesn't exit.


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