Friday, June 12, 2020

CCHD Helping To Foment Riots

Now that all the thugs and hoodlums have returned to their mommies' basements (or converged on Seattle) and the cleanup has begun, let us take a hard look at a cabal that seems to have taken the lead in organizing these riots.  And yes, they were organized and fomented.  We turn our attention to a bunch called Black Lives Matter.

They are an organization, with their own website.  Please take a look at what they believe, in their own words.  Their beliefs are (in their own words):
  • "all black lives matter, regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity"  Here they made quite the Freudian slip, differentiating between "actual" and "perceived", they admit that "perceived" can be a denial of reality
  • "dismantle cis-gender privilege
  • "disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure"  The welfare state beat them to that.  Anyone with a scintillia of common sense understands that children without their fathers in the home are more likely to live in poverty, fall into crime, etc.
  • "queer-affirming network"
There is no mention at all of addressing the real problems of impovershed people (and not just black): high crime, dependence on government, denigration of marriage, drugs, etc.  In fact, some of those so-called "beliefs" and "goals" would only exacerbate their problems.

If you detect a bit of put-down of men in reading their beliefs, you are not imaging things.  BLM was founded by three feminists.  IMHO, no self-respecting man can go along with this crap or he will earn the title "hen-pecked".

Mass Resistance has some more history on this outfit, worth a read.  They delve more into the sordid alliances in which BLM is embroiled.  All these progressive organizations intertwine with each other.  We see that addressed in this LifeSiteNew article.  Regrettably, one of those "social justice grifters" is the US Catholic hierarchy.  Didn't we see that made manifest by the disgraceful actions of the archbishop of Washington DC?  Check out my three previous posts.

A key goal of the BLM crowd is the abolition of local police departments.  Sadly, some liberal loony politicians are glomming onto this; the Minneapolis City Council and NYC Mayor DiBlasion come immediately to mind.  So just who do these politicians think they will call, should someone be breaking into their homes?

Michael Hichborn of Lepanto now brings us the revelation that another arm of the US Catholic hierchy is aiding and abetting the BLM ilk, particularly in finances.  Yes, it's the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  He has gathered and presented evidence that CCHD is funding organizations calling for the killing of police officers and fomenting riots just as we saw last week.  Doing some quick arithmetic as I read through the artilce, riot-fomenting groups have received a total of over $1M of Catholic dollars.  Several people have been murdered in last week's riots, some precisely because they were police officers.  The money that CCHD sent to these violent groups implicates them in those murders.  The CCHD has blood on its hands.  Moreover, anyone who contributes to the CCHD, with knowledge of these donations, also must answer for the mayhem and murder of these past few days.

It will do no good to ask CCHD to reconsider their grant practices.  They were founded by allies of Saul Alinsky for the express purpose of diverting Catholic dollars to seditious and atheistic organizations.  We simply must stop giving to CCHD.  I stopped decades ago.  This CCHD beast needs to be starved of cash.


  1. Let me go further. As a lifelong Catholic and weekly Mass attendee for decades, one who loves Jesus Christ and has always believed Catholicism is the religion God intended, it is no longer near enough to say do not give to CCHD. In truth, there is no reasonable way to deny Pope Francis is at least a Communist and at least an idol worshiper, with no clear evidence he adheres to Catholicism at all. The evidence is all there, should anyone care enough to look. The culmination of evidence is his blasphemous worship of Pachamama on Vatican ground, which clearly broke the First Commandment of God, which he punctuated by bringing that demon idol up to the altar, during a Mass. That is the end, the pinnacle, the evidence beyond all evidence, and no Catholic should require more, but there is so much more.
    Catholics must END their association with this evil church, which is no more! It is time, friends, because you did not leave Catholicism, Catholicism has become a tool of revolution for these evil men, who have committed unspeakable acts against boys and each other and now want you to turn a blind eye to it.
    Catholics must withdraw all support to this evil entity, because it owns the body (buildings, etc.) but not the soul (the actual mission and charism of the church). It is a False Church, the "ape" of the church as Abp. Fulton Sheen put it so rightly, long ago. This church, will lead you and your loved ones to hell. It is not following Christ, and apart from Him, we can only end up in perdition.
    The faith is still practiced, you can still find the Catholic faith, in various orders such as FSSP or SSPX, but do not be fooled friends, these times are likely "end times", and there is no heaven here on earth. Do not look for perfection among human beings, you will not find it. Only Christ is perfect, and only heaven is the answer to what our hearts desire. But you will find an hour of peace, away from lectures on social justice, and you will find sustenance, the Holy Eucharist, where you may kneel and worship God as He intended. Find the Latin Rite, and go. Do not darken the door of a mainstream, diocesan Catholic Mass. And never give your money to these men. Never. Give of your time if you feel you must stay, offer to do errands, count money, but do not financially support this dying, apostate church.

    1. Our Lord Himself promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church. He is not a liar. Yes, there are evil people and leaders within her ranks, but it is tantamount to blasphemy to insinuate that the Church itself is apostate.

    2. I think you missed the point. He is saying that the institutional Church has been hijacked by those who seek to destroy it. That doesn't mean that the evil one has prevailed against the Church, only that he has installed an Anti-pope in Rome - not the first time that has happened. Also, having lived through the whole Vatican II transition period, I was a first hand witness of the damage the Novus Ordo Missae has done to the faith of Catholics. Eight of my 11 children were raised in the NO before I left the NO for the Byzantine Rite, and 7 of them no longer believe or practice the Faith, despite my best efforts. The writer is correct in urging people to rediscover the Latin Mass. Pius V, in Quo Primum cursed anyone who would change the Tridentine mass. This was a perpetually binding pronouncement. These curses have obviously had their effect. Anne Catherine Emmerich, for one, had a vision of this false church. I believe, like Benedict XVI that the Church of the future will be much smaller, but also more devout. As long as there is one Catholic in the world, there is still the Church.

      In the opinion of many, Bergoglio is an anti-Pope. Given his betrayal of Christ last October, it is hard to argue that he is not. You may disagree, but I think the evidence is there. Arcbiship Vigano, for one, agrees. The retired bishop pf Corpus Christi, Texas, Bishop Gracida, also agrees. I suggest you check out the extensive canonical arguments of Brother Bugnolo at the From Rome blog if you haven't already. His arguments are very persuasive. Thanks for your blog. I know it is a tough job.

    3. No, I did not. Nothing will prevail against the Mystical Body of Christ that is the Catholic Church. If what you say is what Evangeline meant, he/she did a very poor job in differentiatiation. He/she spoke of a "dying, apostate church", not merely the cabal that is controlled by corrupt individuals.

  2. The author is unquestionably right. You cannot separate Christ and His Body the Church, which is, as we profess in the Creed, 'one, holy, catholic, and apostolic'. How this is still true given the present evil is not a matter of understanding, but of faith.


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