Friday, June 26, 2020

Some Interesting Interviews

A few days ago, Raymond Arroyo interviewed President Trump on the White House porch, touching on a number of topics.  Salient points are discussed.  One objection that I have to his to-date lack of intervention in the rioting and mayhem is that he did say he would invoke the Insurrection Act.  Why has he not done so?  I for one hold bluffing to be unacceptable; one must be true to their word at all costs.

Also interviewed was Patresse Cullers, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter.  The embedded video catches her in clearly stating that she and her comrades are marxist-trained.

So now we have solid basis to hold that the CHAZ-CHOP-whatever takeover of Seattle is a Marxist insurrection, done with the permission, if not cooperation, of the leftwing government of both Seattle and the State of Washington.  There is violence in that compound.  Now that one victim has died because the BLM and Antifa brats wouldn't let ambulances get to him, the mayor is talking of ending their little orgy.  We'll see if she follows through or if she was simply trying to put on a tough face.

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