Friday, June 5, 2020

More To The Riots Than Meets The Eye

Some food for thought by Michael Hichborn.  It is well worth your time to watch this, to connect some much-needed dots.


  1. Collective madness has taken over. Whites are being convinced they are guilty, and our children are falling into this in great numbers. Do Catholics realize children are on TikTok right NOW putting their own feces on their faces in order to humiliate themselves to BLM??? Young people are kneeling before BLM and raising their arms in allegiance to their betters? Children are on social media crying and wailing how much they hate their families? And getting support from Communists and Hollywood in approval of their hatred of their family?? Unplug your kid's social media. Throw the device in the trash. It is dividing your child from you. Watch your children's school, because from now on, your child is going to be told they are either a victim class or a perpetrator class. The latter needs to apologize for their "privilege" and feel GUILTY.
    One last thing. Fox News is considered to be "fair and unbalanced". I have read and contributed in the combox for many years now. Fox News is now shadow banning conservative comments. You post, you believe your comment is seen, but it is not. Fox has also been anti-Trump and pro-protest since this unholy mess began.
    God help us. These Communists are making a full court press, managed by Satan. We need lots of prayer.

  2. Very important talk. Yes the communists are in a power grab mode. Human life expendable. Battle for souls is on.


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