Sunday, June 7, 2020

Absp Gregory To Force Priests To Protest Trump Tomorrow

When I posted my previous piece about the "prayer service", I did not have complete information.  Church Militant has inside sources that DC Archbishop Gregory is ordering his priests to join in a protest of our president under the guise of a "prayer service"..  CM has obtained copies of the communications, both to the priests and to the local Knights of Columbus.  This is beyond reprehensible.

Can anyone go for a counter-protest tomorrow?  It starts at 11:00 am at Lafayette Park.  I frankly hope that many priests won't show.  What Gregory is doing to them is a crime.

In case you haven't seen this on other sources, see this LifeSiteNews piece containing an open letter to President Trump from Archbishop Vigano.  I hope that Archbishop Vigano is right in supposing that good people are in the majority in this country.  In any event, they have got to wake up and slough off their apathy to events beyond their narrow worlds.

I will also post a video from a young courageous priest.  He and Vigano are two of the lights shining in clerical darknes..


  1. If these priests have any self-respect and integrity, they will refuse. Anyone who is a priest who would allow themselves to choose political sides and take one against the president in a time of upheaval such as this one are unworthy to be priests. They will be upsetting many Catholics and confusing even more people about what the Catholic Church is about. Abp. Gregory is a partisan hack who has no business taking sides, and what he has already done, by daring to say President Trump was not "welcome" at a Catholic shrine, when ALL ARE WELCOME, is in itself reprehensible and beyond defense. It was a shocking display of venom toward our president, and toward the many Americans who support him, whether he likes it or not. He does not own the Catholic Church, despite the fact he has been given an office he is entirely unworthy for, himself.
    We are highly interested in any priest who does not do the right thing and refuse to participate in this highly ill-advised and inflammatory debacle. Do we not have enough to deal with in the Catholic Church today, that we can afford this type of divisive action??
    WHERE IS THE MCCARRICK REPORT, ABP. GREGORY. How about you worry about that for a change.

  2. What Our Lord said in the garden is being fulfilled before our eyes: "This is your hour and the power of darkness". Come, Lord Jesus!

  3. The emails I saw at the CM link is what I saw (on social media) and passed along here. So I am glad there has been independent verification, even if the entire thing is distasteful in every way.

    The issue I have (aside from the lack of Sacraments) is Abp. Gregory is using the vow of obedience as a cudgel. It's the same cudgel that led to so many of the problems the Church here in America faces at large - you will be beaten into silence and your whole ministry will be held over your head unless you do (fill in the blank).

  4. Dear God in heaven, please deliver us from worldly hireling bishops, we beg You in Jesus' name.

  5. Everybody watch to see if their pastor goes and them make your decision about being part of that parish from now on.

  6. Official ADW social media outlets are insisting that priestly participation was/is *voluntary*. Think it blew up on them hard?


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