Monday, June 29, 2020

Archbishop Gregory's Freudian Slip, Tobin Allowing LGTB Mass

LifeSiteNews alerts us that when Archbishop Gregory tried to link the pro-life movement with the BLM version of "racial justice", that he uttered a major blooper. He opined that a person's human dignity begins at birth.  To his dubious credit, he at least allows that, as opposed to VA governor Northam, who favors allowing born babies to die if they survive abortion attempts.  However, from bishops, we'd expect that they would acknowledge that our personhood and dignity starts the moment that our father's sprem fertilized our mother's ovum.

Archbishop Gregory's like-minded colleague, Cardinal Joseph "nighty-night-baby" Tobin again allowed Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken NJ to conduct a sacrilegious "LGTB pride mass".  I have blogged quite a bit on Tobin's aiding and abetting the gay-perverted lifestyle, along with his own keeping of a gay male "actor" in his rectory.

Like pesky flies these scandals just don't stop bombarding us.  I and others reiterate these to keep in mind that these events are not how the Church is to be led.  They are serious aberations, not to be accepted but to be denounced and protested.

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