Sunday, June 14, 2020

Dissident Composer David Haas Terminated By GIA Over Credible Sex Abuse Allegations

Four years ago I wrote of serious problems concerning David Haas, a fairly popular "katholyc" composer.  As you see in the comments section of that post, quite the discussion ensued.  His music was published in GIA Publications - until recently.

GIA suspended their relationship with Haas, as allegations of sexual misconduct were resported against him.  Apparently the number of allegations is still growing.  See this post from GIA's facebook wall for more details.

It appears that we have an example of the principle, "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivandi".  Someone who holds beliefs at variance with God's revealed truth will most likely live their lives in disobedience to those truths.

GIA is suspending their relationship with Haas.  I strongly suggest that all Catholic music directors remove Haas' works from their repertoires.  They should also be mindful of the composers' obedience (or lack thereof) to the teachings of the Catholic Church.


  1. Substantive agreement, small correction from a Latinist: Lex vivEndi (e-stem verb, vivo, vivere).

  2. My parish for years has been enraptured to the Haas-Haugen-St. Louis Jesuits trifecta of garbage music. It would be a more difficult discussion if the music were at least, you know, GOOD! But alas, it isn't in any way.

    If Haas is being, uh, cancelled, then this is as good an opportunity to remove him from the repertoire


  4. I posted a comment about 1.5 years ago on here about David Haas and his antics. No one believed me about his sexual abuse because he went after my Fiance' for 2 years having a very brief affair (before I met her) lieing, buying her gifts all while he was married. Ofcourse he said he was getting divorced, never happend. So far I believe over 25 woman including my fiance' have come forward. he is evil, he is scary, he is a sexual batterer as I said back then. Finally finally finally people have spoken and removed him from any further musical concerts in the Church. His publishers all abandoned him which they should have back in 1987 when there were 2 sexually related complaints. Anyway, this guy needs to go to jail. He former wife Jennie Cotter who is a notable singer and song writer had a huge post about how DH went after her when she was just 16 and he in his 20's. The during there marriage he was always out with woman during his travels. If you know of anyone who may have been a victim of his please contact


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