Sunday, June 7, 2020

Archbishop Gregory Praying For The Soul Of America?

A commenter on my open letter to Archbishop Gregory informs us all that he plans to hold a prayer service in Lafayette Park tomorow (Mon June 8) to "pray for George Floyd's soul and the soul of America".  I hope this doesn't turn into a de facto canonization of George Floyd.  As unjust his death was, Floyd by no means lived a virtuous life, so prayers for his repose would be very much needed.

But other people were murdered too over this past week.  In addition to the people mentioned in my open letter, there was also an elderly couple, Paul and Lidia Marino, who were ambushed while visiting their son's grave.  Also murdered in an ambush was Santa Cruz Deputy Damon Guttzwiller as he and another deputy were investigating a van with guns and bomb-making materials.

There are also the wounded.  NYPD officer Jean Pierre was stabbed in the neck by looters; fortunately thy missed a major artery or else he'd be dead.  The FBI is investigating this as terrorism. Perhaps its worth noting that Pierre and other victims of the rioting are blacks.  Do their black lives matter?

Other blacks have found their lives work ruined.  Korboi Balla, a Minneapolis firefigher, saved to build a bar burned to the ground.  In the north part of the city, Trevon Ellis watched his barber shop burn down.  Lucy Hosley in Manhattan had her deli looted and ransacked.  In Detroit, Roderick Reynolds saw his family's home and his work truck go on in flames.  Archbishop Gregory, do their black lives matter?

Praying for the soul of America is well and good.  However, our priests and bishops need to drive out from its midst the filth of pandering to gay agendas and the coddling of pro-abortion personalities.  They need to foreswear socialism in all its thin disguises; that means chucking the "social justice gospel" into the dung heap.  If Archbishop Gregory wants to yap and yammer about "white privilege", how in hades does he explain his own position as Archbishop of the Nation's Capital?

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  1. This information regarding the network of people and organizations directly connected to both the murderer (Chauvin) and the murdered (Floyd), will remind that the Church is under attack by these very same people.

    Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD


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