Thursday, October 21, 2010

Abortion: Excuse To Victimize Women

Want proof?  Well, read on.

Last week, a man in Ohio was apprehended after he attempted to force his girl friend into an abortion.  It seems to be the "easy out" for these fellows who want to use women and then get rid of "the evidence".  As I've said previously, I see this all the time in front of the abortuary where several of us offer Christian witness.  Fortunately he was not successful in harming his unborn child.

Closer to home in Oxon Hill, MD, a similar situation ended in the man murdering the woman after she refused to abort her child.  The Gazette reports that the man was sentenced to 30 years for her murder.  Read the story and ask yourself just exactly how women are being helped here.

Abortion is seen as an "easy out".  When the mother-to-be listens to her maternal instincts and refuses, the man, if unscrupulous, will take that as an excuse to perpetrate violence upon her, sometimes with deadly results.  In front of the abortion mills, it is painfully obvious that there is a fear of violence in the face of many women going in with male companions.  Those who call themselves "pro-choice escorts" betray their lack of integrity by turning blind eyes towards the suffering women they claim to champion.  I challenge them to prove me wrong.

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