Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Voters' Guides - Why Reinvent The Wheel?

Sometimes the pro-abort websites are good for something - their voters' guides, for instance.  For us, they give us clear indications of those candidates who are entirely unacceptable to us.

For instance, here is NARAL's Voters's Guide.  You can click on your state to see who's running for Federal office in your state.

At the Montgomery County level, we have the Montgomery County Education Association's Apple Ballot Recommendations.  Again, this is a great list of folks for whom you do NOT want to vote.  If you want further information that exposes the leftist agenda of the MCEA, go to and  The MCEA is a chapter of the National Education Association.  To get a gander of what the NEA considers "pressing policies" (none of them having to do with the education of children), go here.

For a list of positive endorsements, here is MD Right to Life's list.  I cannot vouch for the rest of the state, but as far as Montgomery County is concerned, I concur, with one addendum.  They endorse only a few for the Montgomery County Council.  I would say vote for those, but in addtion, we want to rid the Council of all incumbents.  Thus, if you see an incumbent versus someone not on the MDRTL list, please vote out the incumbent.

If any colleagues in other localities have input into other city or county elections, please advise.

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  1. It's difficult to figure out how to vote for the least evil people in DC though. Any suggestions for where to look for city council, council chairman, etc? There is a halfway decent US "congressman" candidate this time.


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