Friday, October 8, 2010

The Messiah Comes To Bowie!

Yesterday, at Bowie State University, the Messiah Most Miserable descended upon Bowie State University to rally for the reelection of Martin O'Malley as governor of Maryland.  I had heard on the radio that quite a few people passed out during his address and had to be taken away.  Some opined that the heat caused it.  Folks, I live here, and it was not hot here yesterday. 

This Baltimore Sun article gives a clue as to why these people fell ill.  Apparently the gates opened and people started arriving about five hours before Obama.  They could not bring any food or drink inside.  I find that curious.  A cynical wag might opine that the messianic cartel was banking on a repeat of the fainting stunts that accompanied Obama on the 2008 campaign trail.  At the very least, it was reckless of the university and/or security personnel not to allow people to bring food with them - so much for caring for the little guy.

Now let's talk about their tolerance here.  At this rally, Thomas "Mike" Miller, Maryland Senate President, had this to say, and I quote, "We're not going to stand for the Tea Party people here in Maryland."  Oh, really?  Dear Senator Miller, just what, pray tell, do you intend to do about us?  We're here to stay, we won't be silenced, and you had better get used to it!  Moving along in the article, we see US Senator Ben Cardin use a bogus charge against Christine O'Donnell to take a swipe at her, saying, "we don't need any witchcraft."  Can you just imagine him saying that about anyone who holds other creeds?  Why doesn't he now just say, "we don't need any jihad"?  Do you think that will happen?  Neither do I!

Let's get out there on November 2nd.  Remember, not only is O'Malley up, but the whole Maryland cabal is too - including Miller, who "will not stand for the tea party people".

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  1. A couple of quick fact corrections. The doors opened at 1:00pm, and the event started at 1:50pm. If you check out this video, you can see at least one woman in the video multiple times holding a coffee mug (check out the video at 0:24). I know people that went to see the President. They're good people who, I am guessing, don't share some of the same philosophies about politics and government.


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