Thursday, October 7, 2010

White Wash Of Red Mass Sacrilege

The annual Red Mass occurred this past Sunday, October 3rd at the Cathdral of St Matthew in Washington DC.  Many of us were unable to be there (as we were last year), owing to other commitments.  Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, it appears that at least one sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion occurred

An eyewitness reports that he saw Vice President Joseph Biden receiving Holy Communion.  I don't recall hearing of any repudiation on Biden's part of his support for baby murder, the gay lifestyle, etc.  If it did happen, it would have been all over the news.  Thus it would have been solemnly incumbent, under Canon 915, upon the minister of Holy Communion to refuse the Eucharist to the vice president.  Last time I checked, such reception constituted mortal sin.  If the partcular minister knew who the vice president was, then he/she cooperated both materially and formally with the mortal sin.  I believe that itself is a mortal sin (given reflection and consent).

Today the Catholic Standard arrived in my mailbox.  There was an article on the Red Mass, and I now link to the online version.  The article focuses mainly on the homily given by Archbishop J. Augustine Di Noia, the secretary of the Vatican's Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.  Read again those last four words: Discipline of the Sacraments.  And yet such a flamboyant sacrilege was allowed to occur?  Might it be more than irony and perhaps a poke in the eye to the Holy Father?

In his homily, the archbishop said, "the Church prays that, amidst the clamor of contending interests and seemingly intractable moral disagreements, the Holy Spirit will help you to maintain your personal integrity and professional equilibrium."  That's true, but prayer isn't enough.  Actions are needed, too.  Unfortunately, the action of allowing Biden to receive Holy Communion in fact undermines the "personal integrity and professional equilibrium" that so sorely needs to be restored in Biden and all pro-abortion persons in places of authority.

By the way - the Catholic Standard didn't utter a peep about the sacrilege of Biden receiving Holy Communion.  I find that to be rather disingenuous - much like omitting the fact that Sr Carol Keehan read one of the readings at Cardinal McCarrick's birthday celebration Mass.  The Standard, being part and parcel of the Catholic media, needs to proclaim truth, be it ever so unpopular to people in high places.


  1. The link isn't active

  2. Which one? I just tried all three and they work. The first one is a link to a prior post, and thus the blog header will be identical. If it's the first one that you question, that may be why.

  3. Biden is not even a Catholic since his support for abortion legislation has automatically excommunicated him under cannon Law 1398. The consistent support of the church for pro-abortion politicians like Biden, Kennedy and Peloci makes a mochery of the faith and drives good Catholics away.

    I believe that if the Church would stand up and support its own laws, abortion would soon be illegal in the US. For instance, Obama never would have been elected if the Church had explained to the faithful that it was a mortal sin to vote for this most pro-abortion politician.

    The outcome of the coming elections would be much different if priests from the pulpit the next several weeks would explain the Church's formal position (as opposed to its contrary position of its actions) and told the faithful that they may not vote for pro-abortion candidates when there is a pro-life opposing candidate!

  4. Anonymous of 10/9 at 6:31pm, there's hope! See my first post of today. Then pray for this priest and encourage him - he is in California, after all. Pray for more like him.


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