Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mike Miller's Malevolent Fantasies

On Friday, I posted about Obama's trip to Bowie State to bolster O'Malley's gubernatorial campaign.  As noted, a number of local Democrats addressed the audience.  Among them was MD State Senate President Thomas "Mike" Miller.  He said that "we're not going to stand for the tea party here in Maryland."  You might recall that I publicly asked him what he meant by that remark.

In my initial research, I overlooked this Washington Post article that just might shed some light on my question.  I'll pull in the quote from Miller.  "We're not going to stand for the tea party here in Maryland," Miller said to raucous applause and whistles. "When we're through with them, they're going to be in the Chesapeake Bay, floating out to sea."  At the very least, he seems to be taking gaffe lessons from Joe Biden.  However, there is no mistaking the violent fantasies here.  "Mere metaphor" you say?  Consider - were this some conservative making this quip about some progressive sub-group, we all know damned well that the hue and cry for his/her personal destruction would resound through the mainstream media.

Now here's another possible "inspirational video" that helped fuel Miller's little snit-fit against conservative people.  Behold.  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).

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