Monday, October 18, 2010

Why DC Schools Are Failing Miserably

They seem to have abandoned teaching antiquated concepts as reading, writing, math, etc.  At Harvey Middle School in the Glover Park neighborhood, children as young as eleven years old were given the so-called "Making Proud Choices" Survey.  Were the parents given the opportunity to opt their children out?  That cannot be claimed with a straight face when the notices were sent home the day the survey was administered.  Read the article from Culture News.   I'd advise you to look at the linked material on that site.

Is the survey "all that bad"?  Lest someone think I'm merely being alarmist, I now link to the survey, that Fox News scanned and put on line - here

DC residents, what will you do about this?


  1. One wonders whether or not such surveys could be handed out in a facility which is owned by the Catholic Church. If you think not, think again. Folks charter schools are public schools, and the seven former Catholic schools in the District which were converted to charter schools could very well have these things going on in them. You can almost bet that the Archbishop did not bother to have a clause preventing such activities included in the leases of these buildings.

  2. Anonymous, you are correct. Unfortunately, the sexualization of young children is occurring in Catholic schools. It behooves parents with children in these schools to assume nothing and to always be watchful.


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