Thursday, October 7, 2010

Warning! Unpopular Truth Alert!

If you're of the mindset that ecumenism means that all denominations are equal (they're NOT!), or are into a "least-common-denominator" type of mutated "christianity", I advise you NOT to watch this video, as truth and fact may cause some serious upset.  If, on the other hand, you are seeking for the truth, be it ever so unpopular and politically incorrect, then please proceed.  (Click here if you can't see embedded video).


  1. Respectfully, Mary Ann, I ask why you post anything from RealCatholictv when there are strong indicators RCT is Opus Dei? If you didn't understand the problem with OD, that would be one thing. However, you have a link to ODAN and this blog pointed out the problem with Voris promoting OD, but include links to RCT and even have them on your Catholic Media Coalition page. I'm just asking you to think about the contradiction. Thanks.

  2. First, I am not Mary Ann; she's over at Les Femmes. Second, I don't understand your problem. Since when is it necessary that there be 100% agreement on all things in order to use the information? Were that the case, this blog would be severely hampered in its ability to present the truth, owing to the constraint that you seem to imply is necessary. Realcatholictv, for all its faults (and who doesn't have them?) has done yeoman's work in exposing the CCHD connections, the underpinnings of the abortion culture, etc. This is information that I for one can use, and I hope all can, too.


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