Saturday, October 9, 2010

San Diego Priest Preaches True Catholic Politics / Wisdom On Windshields

I saw this from Matt Abbott regarding Father Richard Perozich of the Diocese of San Diego.  I urge you to read the entire message that Father gave to his congregation.  I cannot quote the entire address here, but will reproduce one key paragraph.  All you "progressive types", deep breaths as you read this truth.

"For us Catholics the basic issues are: Life from conception to natural death, that is, protection of the unborn, those with life, and those who are sick; protection of new life in its most nascent form, the embryo; protection from cloning to farm body parts; protection from sexual deviance in the form of pederasty, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, prostitution."

Let me explain, along with Father.  If someone promises all sorts of things such as end to poverty, health care for all, etc, etc, but is wrong on any of those basic issues cited in the preceding paragraph, he/she does not deserve a Catholic's vote.  If any Catholic runs for office and his/her platform dissents from the Church's teachings on the above matters, his/her pastor must obey Canon 915 with respect to that recalcitrant politician.  How can that be any more clear?

That brings me to the second part of this post - Wisdom on Windshields . This is a tool I developed to help answer a crying need, as I'll now explain.  Due to poor catechesis, many Catholics do support anti-life and anti-family candidates.  You might see the telltale signs on their cars in the church parking lot in the form of bumper strips and other signage to that effect.  Clearly that person needs to be educated.  I've developed this so that you can enlighten your fellow Catholic in a manner that is discreet, and so that you don't have to worry about looking for the car's owner, being late for Mass, etc.   Wisdom on Windshields  is an educational flyer that you can put on that car's windshield; it briefly describes the teachings so eloquently proclaimed by Father Perozich and refers to other sources.  You may download it here and have it handy on your own computer.  Print out a supply and always take them to church with you.  You'll never know when you'll have need of them.  The fact is, when you use them, you are exercising several of the Spiritual Works of Mercy: instructing the ignorant, rebuking the sinner, counseling the doubtful.


  1. The idea that the Catholic Church exists to prevent the rape of children is ludicrous.

  2. I agree that the bishops have failed miserably in the past. They were lax about screening the candidates to make sure there were no perverts nor dissidents seeking entry. Now let's admit something, shall we? 90% of the rapes of children have been committed against boys, and most of them adolescent. That means the perpetrators were gays. The Holy Father said it well - the filth must be purged from the church. Clearly that includes the gay-lifestyle filth. That will entail some courage, as some will need to be relieved of their miters and crossiers.

    Father Perozich's address was a clear step in the right direction.


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