Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Letter To Attendees At St Rose VOTF Meeting

A little while ago the below letter was bestowed upon some attendees of the VOTF meeting (and perhaps some attendees of an exercise class that seemed to be going on as well).  As promised in that letter, I'm reproducing it below, so that they can click on hyperlinks.  Pray that as they do so, they will be enlightened as to the true nature of the American Catholic Council.  As mentioned before, I don't think the attendees were so much as enlightened as to the name "American Catholic Council" and the role that it played in this evening's event.  Now the letter.

Dear St. Rose Parishioner,

Hopefully by now you were informed that the purpose of the meeting you just attended was to “provide input for the American Catholic Council”. The recent most (Oct 24th) bulletin announcement was rather nebulous about the name of this organization. It read that you were invited “to dialog with fellow Catholics on your hopes and recommendations for the church.” The previous (Oct 17th) announcement was a little more clear on the matter. That one added “your voiced thoughts and hopes will help shape recommendations of an American Catholic meeting in Detroit, MI next June.” Now if you really want clarity on this “American Catholic” meeting, go to this site, http://acn.americancatholiccouncil/.org/ and go right down the left column entitled “upcoming listening sessions” and see the “Montgomery County MD VOTF listening session”. While the exact location was not named, I think you realize now that you were there!

Now why is VOTF being cagey about the nature of the organization for which they are “shaping recommendations”? Could it be because the Archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron, has denounced this meeting and asked them not to meet in Detroit? Could it be because the American Catholic Council is an umbrella of dissident organizations advocating for everything from gay marriage to contraception and yes, the so-called “right” to murder unborn children?

I truly hope the parochial staff of St Rose is unaware of Archbishop Vigneron’s statements. If they are aware, they are flouting the lawful authority of a bishop over his diocese. However, I do believe they were warned by others. At any rate, the local Voice of the Faithful is most certainly aware of the American Catholic Council’s status with the Magisterium. The fact is, they tried to conceal that truth from you! Why else would they not have been “up front” about the name “American Catholic Council”?

Due to space limitations on this piece of paper, I cannot print all information available. Please go to the blog listed at the bottom of this letter and put “St Rose of Lima church” in the search box for the October postings. This letter (with hyperlinks) will also be online. Explore the links to get the whole truth behind the American Catholic Council.

Do you want to jeopardize your faith – and your eternal salvation – by rubbing shoulders with the American Catholic Council?

(Thus ends the handout)

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  1. You might consider sending a letter to Archbishop Wuerl, with a copy of the statement by Archbishop Vigneron.

    Make it one page, keep it simple and to the point, offer your prayers for him, and then follow through and pray for him.


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