Friday, October 1, 2010

Emanuel: Obama "Toughest Leader Any Country Could Ask For"

Watch this Fox News video and be amazed at how anyone could spew such nonsense and still keep a straight face.  "Toughest leader"?  How about Franklin Roosevelt?  For all his many faults, all he had to manage was a tiny little world war.  How about George Washington, Abe Lincoln and yes, Ronald Reagan?  I suppose none of these could hold a candle to the Messiah and his Teleprompter?  Some of the messianic accomplishments include:
  • Endangering unborn children even further by his shameless facilitation of abortion
  • Saddling the children (those allowed to be born) with massive debt via his Stinkulus bills
  • Climbing unemployment rate
  • Apologizing ad infinitem abroad for his own country
  • Etc, etc.
It truly is amazing the damage he's been able to inflict between jaunts to Martha's Vineyard and various golf trips, dinner dates in New York City, etc.  Anyway, Emanuel is rumored to be considering a run for mayor of Chicago.  The squid machine there will probably trot out the Daley-Dead-Vote machine to get him in there - unless enough good people in Chicago rise up and say "enough is enough."

That is exactly what we must do in November 2010.  Only then will we be able to stop the massive hemmoraging that is now occurring on all strata of life in this country.

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