Monday, October 25, 2010

Who Says Blogging Has No Impact?

Sometimes the biggest indicators we have of the fruit of our labors are the snit-fits in which the liberal, progressive types engage because we dare call them what they are.  Read this piece by Rachel Zoll of the Associated Press.  According to her, we're on a mission to "purge dissenters".  Well, not quite!  We're simply callin a spade a spade, so that the truth can be made known.

The fact is that we cannot change the truth.  It is given to us by Jesus Christ, who is Himself the Way, Truth and the Life.  He mediates this truth and His grace through the Catholic Church.  No one can change it or tweek it into something to his/her own liking.  We simply seek to cut through the politcially-correct smoke and mirrors that humanists, progressives, socialists, etc use to delude as many as they can.

I'm glad to see a piece like this.  There are only two real reactions to a proper presentation of the truth - accpetance or rejection.  Neutrality is not an option.  Some obviously don't like the truth.  In that case, all we can do is pray - and keep proclaiming it.

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