Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coerced Abortion

I see it all the time: reluctant women being pressured into aborting either by male companions (I refuse to call them "men") or by their parents (also unworthy of the title "parent").  Often the women are in tears.  The so called "pro-choice" escorts, these reputed "champions of choice", turn a blind eye to the plight of the women -for which we soundly rebuke them.  Several times a woman manages to break away and seek our help.

To our knowledge, no gun has ever been used in any of our incidents.  However, there was a case of it in Columbus, OH, as reported by Lifenews.  Fortunately police were alerted.  They found the male in a car, with the gun.  They arrested him.

I now refresh your memory of the Kampfs, a New Hampshire couple who literally kidnapped their daughter to drive her to New York for a forced abortion.  She managed to escape and call the police.  Her parents were arrested and she did give birth to a little boy.

Ladies and gentlemen, these stories abound.  Not all of them have happy endings.  Some males murder the women when they refuse to go through with an abortion.  There are the beatings, the expulsion from homes, etc when the women try to fight for their babies.  For the most part, the so-called "pro-choice" community turns a blind eye (although some do have enough integrity to try to help).  This is not pro-choice.  Abortion is pro-murder, pure and simple.

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