Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bishop Lynch Defends Soros-Funded Catholic Relief Services

In the past few weeks Catholic Relief Services has shown its true colors (that is, anti-God and anti-life colors) by allowing, if not outright directing its personnel to distribute abortifacients in Madagascar.  Of course it earned well-deserved rebukes.  The progressive cartel within the bowels of ecclesiastic bureaucracy seemed to have received their marching orders and speaking points for now they are leaping to the defense of those USCCB organs that are funneling money towards the culture of death.

The latest to attempt "damage-control" is none other than Bishop Robert Lynch of the Diocese of St Petersburg FL.  I now link to an article that he posted on his blog this past Wednesday.   I won't pick apart the whole thing, lest I be here all night.  But I will point out one or two things, in light of his own chequered past.

He snidely refers to the Population Research Institute (a branch of Human Life International) as "an allegedly pro-life group" and many others (probably Yours Truly) as "notoriously and consistently wrong entities who thrive on attacking the Church or its entities".  If he's looking for examples of malfeasance by "allegedly pro-life entities", perhaps he need look no further than his own doings eight years ago.

It was a little over eight years ago that Terri Schindler Schiavo was murdered - "legally", of course - within his own diocese.  Not only did he do nothing to prevent it, but he went so far as to suggest that the final word regarding Terri's fate "rightly" lay in the hands of her murderous husband who was already living with his then-concubine.  One year later, American Life League interviewed Terri's family and posted it online.  It details further insulted meted to the Schindlers by Bishop Lynch.  And the bishop has the audacity to say that we are the allegedly pro-life ones???

But perhaps there's more to Bishop Lynch's posturings than meets the eye.  As with many things progressive these days, there seems to be a common denominator.  That "common denominator" has a name - George Soros.

My Catholic Media Coalition colleague, herself a Florida resident, posted an article sometime before Terri died that examines some of the key villains in that situation and some of the money trail.  Yes, Bishop Lynch is one of the villains.  To supplement this article, I'd suggest reading this blog piece entitled Soros and Schiavo.  This delves more into the history of George Soros' involvement in the pro-euthanasia movement in the US.

But anti-life groups aren't the only recipients of Soros' largess!  Why, he's been known to give to Catholic groups, too.  Well, some "katholyc" groups - those that serve as fronts for the Culture of Death!  Five years ago, Discoverthenetworks detailed how Soros money had infested the Church.  Chris Korzen of Catholics United tried to deflect some criticism of Bill Donohue by whining that Soros "contributes to Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Legal Immigration Services".  Donohue erred a bit by implying that those three weren't apologists for abortion.  Perhaps Donohue had not heard that Catholic Charities of Richmond VA was under federal investigation for paying for a minor's abortion (with full knowledge of Richmond Bishop DiLorenzo).  And of course Donohue's statement was long before the CRS aided and abetted murder in Madagascar.

Now perhaps the reader is wondering why I italicized the words "Catholic Relief Services".  At the time that Terri Schiavo was being murdered in Florida, guess who was the board chair of CRS?  Yes - Bishop Robert Lynch.  Please don't tell me he had no idea whatsoever of the Soros money flowing into CRS coffers - and probably still is.  In situations such as this, another version of the "golden rule" is in force, that is, "he who has the gold, rules".  As long as they accept Soros "gold", they accept Soros "rule"; sadly I think they accept both all too willingly.


  1. Did any blog readers watch EWTN's "World Over" on Monday night by chance? The head of CRS was interviewed.

  2. Bishop, you call yourself a bishop? No you are Soro's money launderer, a front for socialism into the so-call Catholic Church. Soros is making you blind to falsehood. Remember that The Rockefeller Foundation did much the same for Catholic Universities suggesting that they should obtaining Federal Government moneys. Now look at those S0-Call Catholic Institutions, promoting abortion, same sex marriage, homosexuality, immigration with complete amnesty, shocking just shocking, and Bishop lynch sees it as ...He snidely refers to the Population Research Institute (a branch of Human Life International) as "an allegedly pro-life group" and many others (probably Yours Truly) as "notoriously and consistently wrong entities who thrive on attacking the Church or its entities".

  3. Elisa, I did see the tail end of that CRS rep on EWTN I was dismayed and saddended. I did here her say they can't be concerned about what every organization they give money to is involved with, that the greater good is more important. Raymond didn't bat an eye !. Is there a Catholic "establishment" ?

    1. Do you know the link to the archive of that program? EWTN has been disappointing lately. Arroyo interviewed Mark Shriver regarding his book. Just a few months prior, some of us picketed a book-signing he was doing at a Catholic church. What are they thinking at EWTN? Poor Mother Angelica - this must break her heart.

    2. I was watching the Monday night encore; I didn't watch all of it either. Anyways I found the video--dated 8/8/13 if you hover over the video: www.ewtn.com/tv/live/worldover.asp

    3. I found the archive and just listened to it. If one listened only to the tail end, they would only have heard the CRS lady. But Stephen Mosher of PRI was on, too. He spoke at the beginning and reiterated repeatedly that PRI has recordings of interviews with all sorts of "on-ground" CRS personnel indicating that yes indeed, abortifacients were distributed.

  4. By the way - when someone has pro-aborts singing their praise for snarking at real pro-life people, you can be sure that they're barking up the wrong tree. See http://www.care2.com/causes/catholic-bishop-gives-pro-life-movement-a-tongue-lashing.html


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